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A tragedy close to home has State Rep. Dean Fisher (R-Tama) thinking of potential legislation entering the 2020 session.

An accident in Benton County, which is near Tama County, ended up being deadly for someone who lived in Fisher’s district.

The driver went through a stop sign at Highway 30 on a county road.

“They just missed the stop sign,” he said. “It was dark out. A semi was coming and killed her.”

It isn’t a rare occurrence Fisher said. And it’s something he believes lawmakers should address.

“I think it’s a good idea, especially today with people being distracted by their phone, to add rumble strips at some of the busier intersections,” he said. “I’m looking at making that a requirement at any intersection that crosses a state or federal highway.”

It may be a necessary addition as other warnings are simply too easy to miss.

“It brings in a different dimension as far as sensory,” he said. “In this case, the girl missed the sign that let her know there was a stop sign coming up. She missed the stop sign. She missed the headlights of the semi coming at her. They were all visual where the rumble strips would bring in tactical and audio alerts that might have saved this person.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall