Klein highlights Americans for Prosperity’s purpose

Drew Klein of Americans for Prosperity-Iowa spoke about AFP’s legislative goals for the 2019 Iowa legislative session on Thursday in Sioux Center. Klein gave a brief description of his group.

“We actually are an organization who believes in free markets and limited government,” he said. “We believe a society of mutual benefit in which I get ahead by doing something that’s productive for other people is better to live in than one of coercion or cronyism or government manipulation.”

Since taking over AFP-Iowa Klein said the group has expanded the issues beyond fiscal concerns. The group also focuses on free speech, education, taxes, spending, labor issues — and the list goes on.

AFP-Iowa prides itself on its ability to hold all elected officials accountable.

“We still hold politicians and parties at arms length regardless of what letter comes after their name on the ballot,” Klein said. “We reserve the right to call folks out on the carpet regardless of which party they tend to affiliate with. We’re equal opportunity haters. I think that’s productive.”

Klein is a lifelong Iowan. He had plans of going to med school, but that didn’t happen. His interest and participation in politics grew, though he’s only worked for one candidate specifically.

“I didn’t get involved because I thought there were these humans better than us who would save us,” he said. “I knew there were policies that could lead to better outcomes. That’s where our focus should be.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall