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Republican State Rep. John Wills is seeking re-election in House District 10. He has a No Party challenger named Dan Wahl.

Here is House District 10:

  1. At what point of pregnancy should abortion no longer be an option? I believe in life from conception to a natural birth and so abortion should not be an option after conception.  I do not believe in exceptions, except when the life of the mother is legitimately threatened by a life-threatening issue. 
  2. Do you support allowing eminent domain to be used for a private, for-profit project?  I do not believe this is a legitimate use for eminent domain.  However, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that it is, in a case in Maine I believe where a casino was allowed to be built so this is nothing new.  I do believe that we must look at ways to challenge the court’s ruling for future projects and redefine what public good is and look at ways to reduce the burden on property owners. 
  3. Do you support Education Savings Accounts for Iowa families?  I believe in school choice for all Iowa children and parents.
  4. Do you support legislation removing sexually explicit, pornographic materials from school libraries?  I support putting parents in charge of their children’s education and so that means that any material in a school should be first vetted and approved by the parent. 
  5. Do you support a bill requiring schools to communicate “preferred pronouns” of students to the their parents?  I support getting this type of thing out of our schools altogether.  It isn’t the role of the school to talk about preferred pronouns. 
  6. Would you support removing gender identity from the Iowa Civil Rights Code?  Yes, I would. 
  7. Would you support a bill banning “gender-affirming treatment” of minors in Iowa?  Yes, I would.
  8. Would you support a bill allowing one legislative candidate to donate some of their campaign funds to another legislative candidate directly, which was outlawed in the 1990s?  No, I would not unless there is a reason why this would be something we would want.  To be honest I haven’t given it much thought but it seems a bit too much.  I am looking at ways to eliminate or reduce the amount of money coming from outside our state. 
  9. Do you support reforming the Governor’s Emergency Powers in Iowa?  Yes I would.
  10. Do you support reforming and/or repealing Iowa’s “Certificate of Need” laws?  I support reforming the CON so that our smaller hospitals are protected but feel competition in our larger cities is important. 
  11. Do you support a Religious Freedom & Restoration Act for Iowans? Yes, I do. 
  12. Do you support efforts to stop Big Tech censorship in Iowa?  I have a tough time with this one.  I do want to be as open as possible with our freedoms and support all freedoms in Iowa.  My challenge on this is that when you open an account with these Big Tech companies, we also agree to their terms.  So in effect we are agreeing to be censored.  I honestly believe that moving to companies that censor less like Truth Media and Rumble is the best option. 
  13. In Iowa, the penalty is the same for kidnapping and raping a minor as it is for kidnapping, raping and murdering a minor. Would you support a bill allowing for the death penalty in cases where a minor is kidnapped, raped and murdered?  I am horrified by the abuse of adults on minor children as much as anyone but I am not in favor of the death penalty.  As I said before, I am 100% pro life from conception to a natural death. 
  14. Do you support mandatory E-Verify for Iowa businesses?  I do not.  The federal government is the entity who is responsible for guarding our border and defending our citizens from those who would come from outside the US.  I am not in favor of making our businesses and entities in Iowa pay to enforce the law for the Federal government. 
  15. Do you support legislation prohibiting an employer from asking an employee for his or her COVID vaccination status?  Yes, I do and have voted as such.
  16. Do you support legislation prohibiting discrimination based on COVID vaccination status?  Yes, I do. 
  17. Should minors be allowed to attend drag shows?  No they should not.
  18. Do you support allowing the sale of raw milk?  I am in favor of freedom and using our locally grown resources within Iowa if possible. 
  19. Would you support getting rid of no-excuse absentee voting?  I do not see a problem with the way Iowa has done our absentee ballots where you have to have a pin number and the vast majority of people still vote on election day.  I have not really thought about getting rid of no-excuse absentee voting but would be willing to look at it if there is data that shows it is an issue. 

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