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HEWES: Trump won because he recognized crooked deal American worker was getting

The reason why Donald Trump got elected is because he recognized that the American worker has gotten a crooked deal from the American economy. ...

HEWES: Sen. Joe Biden goes to the dark side!

Senator Joseph Biden (creepy Uncle Joe) went over to the dark side on Thursday. After years of supporting the Hyde Amendment which prohibits the use of federal...

HEWES: Everyone in Missouri should be celebrating

The state of Missouri Democrat Party released an official ridiculous statement denouncing the closure of abortion clinics in Missouri. The majority of rank and...

HEWES: Pro-life Democrat POTUS candidates says Democrats must reject Socialist agenda from the Left

As Democrats, we need to reject the agenda of the Socialist Left! The beliefs of the Socialist Left are not what most Democrats and...

HEWES: Americans are obligated to honor Veterans

As American Citizens, we have an unspeakable obligation to honor our Veterans and remember those who have laid down their lives for this country. Although...

HEWES: Abortion doctor names should be released like sex offender registry

GIVE US A LIST! There are about 1,000 murderous abortion doctors killing at least 1.3 million babies each year (almost 60 million since 1973)....

HEWES: Disturbed, disgusted by Republican minority leader for objecting to Alabama abortion bill

I was disturbed and disgusted (Thursday), to see Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives on television objecting to the Alabama Abortion...

Hewes: Pro-Life Democrat running against 20 pro-abortion radicals

I am a Pro-Life Democrat running against 20 Pro-Abortion radicals.  I stand with John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Bobby Kennedy, Dr. Martin L. King,...

JOIN THE CALL! Why So Little Patriotism in America?

Join us in a conversation with noted investor and philanthropist Ken Abramowitz, founder of SavetheWest.com. Tuesday, July 19, 2022, at 12 PM (ET) Dial 667-776-9181 (no code...

KROUSE: Pro-life Democrat Voters faced with unique choice – finally crush abortion industry by...

The National Mobilization for Life is a nationwide movement of Pro-Lifers to reengage the Democrat Party’s support for the Right to Life.  Presently, Democrats...