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The University of Iowa College of Education has an individual called Eric McKinley Thompson teaching as a graduate assistant. Thompson is instructing a course called “Foundations of Education,” which we were told by the College of Education is a required class for students seeking teacher licensure.

His social media presence presents an individual who is infatuated with race and, surprise surprise, leftist ideology.

In fact, Thompson makes it clear that, for him, it is “always” about race:

He also said his “life’s work” is “dedicated” to improving equity and equality for black, brown and biracial students.

“So that maybe….just maybe one day, the words ‘we the people’ will actually apply to ALL people,” he wrote.

That was his answer to the question why he always posts things that are “so divisive.”

“I honestly find this question hilarious because although the name of the person changes when this question is asked, they all look the same,” he wrote.

We asked Thompson what it means for the equity and equality of students who aren’t black, brown or biracial. If he responds we’ll publish his answer.

Thompson embraces the theory of “systemic racism,” as evidenced by these “facts and figures” he posted:

In 2021, when State Rep. Skyler Wheeler introduced a bill to ban the teaching of the racist and factually inaccurate 1619 Project, Thompson was triggered.

“There is a teeny, cowardly, puny and uninformed politician in the Iowa House named skyler wheeler (lowercase on purpose)…He whines “(the 1619 Project) seeks to distort facts, not simply teach them and it does so as leftist political propaganda masquerading as history,” Thompson wrote. “These are the words of maga. These are the words of vapidity, white supremacy and fragility.”

Thompson wrote that Wheeler, who he called an “uneducated puke,” doesn’t believe black, brown and biracial students matter.

“And neither do the rest of the ‘gop’ in Des Moines masquerading as ‘decent Iowans,'” Thompson wrote. “They are nothing more than feckless retrumplicans.”

Thompson also called Wheeler, who was recently named the chair of the Iowa House Education Committee, a “little puke.”

Thompson has fallen in line behind Democrats in referring to efforts to increase election integrity as instead efforts to suppress the vote.

“Which ‘party’ would you guess is attempting to restrict or outright suppress voting rights for black, brown and biracial Americans,” he asked. “The retrumplican party.”

In regards to canceling Dr. Seuss, Thompson wrote that Seuss had a long history of publishing racist and anti-Semitic work.

“Defending keeping these books in circulation because ‘it’s our history’ is a garbage argument,” Thompson wrote. “Black, brown and biracial humans depicted as stereotypically buffoonish, boorish, moronic, intellectually-challenged and/or as a skinnin’ and grinnin’ fool is the way white people has systemically portrayed all of us.”

Thompson insinuated that those who quit following people because they post about Black Lives Matter is like the “trash taking itself out.”

He shared this quote, which reads:

“To be a negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.”

He highlighted the actions of two police officers when they stopped an Army Lieutenant. We wouldn’t defend the actions used by the police officers with Caron Nazario, but we also wouldn’t say it is “systematic racism.”

“This is why a majority of us do not trust ‘law enforcement,'” Thompson wrote. “This is why every single day is just a struggle to make it to the end of the day. This is why I have devoted the last 25 years of my life to making sure any human with whom I am connected or simply cross paths, hears or reads that everything in this country is about race.”

He also refers to cops as “kops.”

“This is why those of you who are ‘kops’ who remain silent because ‘we are all not like that’ disappoint and disgust me,” he wrote.

“Don’t be a drive-by social justice warriors,” he wrote. “There are two Americas. How long must I wait for your ‘progress?'”

The anti-cop narrative doesn’t end there, however.


Thompson also shared this quote relating to education, which matters since he is educating future educators:

“No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them. Nobody is going to teach you your trust history, teach you your true heroes, if they know that that knowledge will help set you free.”

Here are some other posts from Thompson related to race, such as the Kansas City Chiefs being racist and the need to stop “white terrorism.”


So the obvious question is does Thompson take these views and this approach in the classroom?



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