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We made a 70-minute documentary featuring six Detransitioners.

Will you help us spread the word about it?



Affirmation Generation: The Lies of Transgender Medicine, a 70-min. documentary, features the stories of six young detransitioners (three men and three women). They sought medical help but instead were irreversibly harmed by their doctors who followed the one-size-fits-all “gender-affirming care.”

Dear Parents, Concerned Citizens and all,

For over a year, I have been reading every blog on PITT, weeping, feeling a dark pit in my stomach, rage, despair, hopelessness. I could no longer sit still. I had to DO something.

About us: My daughter (14 at the time) declared a trans identity in August 2020, after 3 of her friends—all girls—did the same in the summer of the lockdown). We affirmed initially and started using the new name. Then she quickly descended into a mental breakdown. It took me two years to get her back on her feet. This journey included getting a diagnostic clarity of previously overlooked conditions (HF ASD, ADD, eating disorders, PCOS) and starting meds for her depression, ADD and eating disorders.

In 2021, the rehabilitation process also included leaving everything behind—her school, teachers, school friends, doctors, her home, and my home city of 22 years. We moved to a mountain farming community where my daughter volunteered on a farm and started 10th grade in a tiny local charter school.

Now she is 16. She has a part-time job, has finished Driver’s ed, is dating a boy and a girl, and continues on a path towards healing. School is going well and she has zero behavior issues. For my husband and I, though, the last 2 years have been sheer hell.

Like other parents who have contributed to PITT, I had to channel my anger, panic, frustration, and fear into action. So, as part of my coping mechanism, I decided to produce a documentary film telling the stories of detransitioners in their early 20s.

I became part of a team of ROGDK parents (including a seasoned documentarian with major releases, a Grammy winner and film industry veterans) who pooled our resources and created a 70-minute documentary film featuring 6 detransitioners (3 men and 3 women) who were irreparably damaged by their doctors and surgeons in the name of gender. In the documentary, as they tell their own personal stories, and show their scars and “gender journey” photographs, eight mental health and endocrine experts examine the unfolding medical scandal—the transgender medicalization of vulnerable youth (the cynically called “gender-affirming care”).

The focus of Affirmation Generation movie is the medical harm young adults have endured in the hands of captured and corrupted doctors, therapists and surgeons.

The trailer will be unveiled on September 9th, 2022.

The documentary will premiere in late October 2022 on YouTube. (Free viewing.)

We’ve also created a website for the documentary, which we intend to turn into a hub for Detransitioner stories (in the “Testimonies” Page), links to vetted blogs, peer-reviewed medical articles (in the “Research” Page), Activism photos and blogs, and Resources. We plan on updating the website monthly with new content.

Our mission is to have all those involved in decisions involving gender legislation and medicine to watch the documentary — President Biden, VP Harris, Senators, Elected Representatives, Local Government leaders, School Superintendents, School Principals, teachers, school mental health counselors, School Board Members, PTA members, doctors, therapists, pediatric societies, medical societies, law makers, all Media, bloggers, influencers, and CEOs of companies targeting our youth. We will consider this project a success if it goes viral, if it gets millions of eyeballs, if it sparks conversations (and a few scandals!). We are planning a widest possible Press Release and media engagement campaign.

In the film, we implore the Doctors to properly diagnose the co-morbidities of their patients based on evidence, and then, to heal and/or mitigate the maladies that fester underneath the self-declared “identity.” We will consider our documentary a success if it moves the needle toward an evidence-based model of treatment.

Countless detransitioners who have published their stories argue that the “gender-affirming care” (namely, puberty blockers -> cross-sex hormones -> surgeries) has affected catastrophically four vulnerable cohorts of youth:

  1. Neurodivergent (autistic, ADHD, ADD, OCD): The youth who live inside their heads and already feel disconnected from their bodies. The ones who are lonely, bullied, “weirdo’s” and have felt like aliens since early childhood.
  2. Future LGB: The cohort genuinely affected by gender dysphoria as they question their sexual attraction in a profoundly homophobic, lesbophobic and misogynistic world.
  3. Traumatized / PTSD: The youth affected by personal trauma (rape, molestation, early sexualization, abuse, adverse childhood experiences, etc) or family trauma (divorce, death, dysfunctional family, being an adoptee). The ones who want to escape from their bodies in the hopes of escaping their trauma.
  4. Youth suffering from any mental illnesses, including eating disorders and body dysmorphia. The ones who want to escape their bodies and minds every day.

Will you help us spread the word about our documentary?

Unlike the Techno-medical industry investing billions into advertising and driving the transgender ideology in schools, culture and media, we rely on grass-roots efforts—on your support and our modest publicity budget.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Email a short cover letter with a link to the documentary to people whom you think should watch it—doctors, therapists, teachers, school principals of your child, other parents.
  • Host screenings of the doc in your community, places of worship, book clubs, local library, PTA meetings, etc, and then follow up with letter-writing to people in your circles who are open to hearing these messages.
  • Help with any publicity—we need any and all of you with connections to talk show hosts (of any political persuasion), podcasts, and other interview opportunities. Help us tell the world!

For all questions, feedback, ideas please contact:

Vera Lindner: [email protected]

Follow me on Twitter where I will be driving the publicity for the doc:



All filmmakers are using pseudonyms and are under an NDA to protect our identities.

All filmmakers are hard-working parents, lifelong West Coast, Liberal Democrats, still caught in this gender maelstrom.

From the PITT Substack.

Author: Press Release


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