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Like many colleges across the nation, Drake University has dealt with the systemic dilemma of creating an “open” and “inclusive” college campus for all political thought despite actions to the contrary.

Ever since Drake English Professor Dr. Beth Younger tweeted out,” I was just pondering how much hatred I feel towards all the republican assholes. They should suffer,” amongst other profanity-laced tweets directed at Republicans, students are concerned with the vulgar language that contradicts what Drake University stands for.

After getting Lambasted by conservative students for her language, Drake University President Marty Martin showed his displeasure at the Professor’s vulgar words in an email to the student body, yet nonetheless, done nothing about it despite stating that Younger was in conflict with the school’s Statement of Principles with her repulsive tweets.

“The social media posts from a Drake Faculty member that have been widely shared over the past week are in conflict with the values articulated in our Statement of Principles,” stated President Martin in his email to the Drake Student body.

Instead of using her words to further unite an already politically contentious filled campus, Younger decided to use the Drake University’s Time Delphic student-led paper to further her hate-filled agenda for all Republicans.  This is contrary to President Martin’s statement to the school that stated, “Nevertheless, we must find a way to lower the temperature in our body politic and start working together to solve the array of problems that confront us.”

Discarding what President Martin stated, Younger used her “apology letter” to briefly mention her diabolical excuses for her words and used it to further attack students of opposite political ideology.

“These students did not contact me or reach out to ask questions-their targeted harassment is a common tactic used by Turning Point USA to harass “liberal” educators and create conflict. While I do regret the harm this has caused, I think the students involved are misguided,” stated Younger.

From life, I have come to learn that an apology with a “But” attached to is nothing less but pure manipulation and ignorance of the damage one has caused.

Imagine using a student paper to further attack the students you represent; let alone the young adults she is paid to educate to best prepare them for the real world. I wonder what the paying parents feel about this.

In a different light, put yourself into the shoes of an employer who has recently hired an employee. After being hired, the newly hired employee decides to post obscene messages about the business’ clients. As the employer, who is now losing current and future clients, what would you do? Drake University and the professors are no different.

The real problem per say is not the words and actions of the Drake Professor. Rather, the problem at hand is the lack of tolerance that students have seen at Drake University.

The behavior that had struck down a conservative group from forming on campus, to the reactions of former President Trump coming to campus, and now this.

The behavior that students and parents across the state of Iowa have witnessed over the past few years is being enabled by the higher-ups of college education across the country.

It is quite comical in actuality when looking back. During a Free Speech Forum at Drake held on behalf of Turning Point being voted down, conservative students shared their frustration on not being heard in the classroom and having the fear of being outed because of their beliefs. Other students simply told them they did not believe it, and instead told them to suck it up because it happens since colleges are all “progressive” in nature. Now that the conservative student body has evidence to support said claims, instead of calling out the disgraceful actions of a professor, they choose to instead ignore and blame the Republican student body for miscellaneous and trivial reasons not pertaining to the topic at hand.

Students know that if it were the other way around, there would be protests across campus and the professor would be fired without question. This is the double standard that minority thinkers at Drake have expressed and experienced, but to no avail they have been duly ignored by their colleagues.

Any words of this caliber, from anyone, should not be accepted at Drake University. Yet the sad reality is that this conundrum will only add to the political banter of both sides at Drake in social media warfare, thus furthering us away from what really matters at Drake University.

 Yet the blame is not entirely on the student body, for they are simply reacting the very way that is deemed acceptable to the higher-ups in this dire political climate.

This predicament proves that intolerance bleeds from the top down.

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Author: Caleb Lillquist