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Jerry Foxhoven wrote a piece for Bleeding Heartland yesterday about Republicans claiming a monopoly on being pro-life based strictly on abortion. His piece carried the headline:

“I am pro-life. That’s why I’m a Democrat.”

By the end of his second sentence, Foxhoven demonstrates his lack of understanding when it comes to the issue of abortion.

“Being pro-life means more than controlling a woman’s options on abortion and family planning,” he wrote.

That isn’t what being pro-life means at all. For anyone. At least not for anyone I know.

Republicans do not want to control a woman’s options on abortion and family planning. We simply do not want innocent unborn babies to be killed. 

Nothing more. Nothing less.

In short — quit killing kids.

Foxhoven continues to undermine his own argument.

“Pro-life means respecting all lives, regardless of age, religion, gender, income, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental challenges and even political beliefs,” he wrote.

How can you respect all life when you’re allowing unborn life to be slaughtered in the womb? 

I guarantee you some aborted babies would’ve grown up to be Christians and some atheists. Every aborted baby has a gender. Every aborted baby has a race. Every aborted baby has an ethnicity. I would be willing to bet some aborted babies would have even grown up to identify as homosexual — or even transgender.

Foxhoven and the Democrat Party he supports cannot come close to respecting all lives because they refuse to protect unborn life.

Foxhoven claims Republicans are not pro-life when they support strengthening election integrity. When they don’t buy into the coming ice age — err — global warming — err — climate change. When they allow America’s first freedom — religious liberty — to actually be exercised by not forcing Americans of faith to violate their conscience.

When Republicans refuse to fight to end systemic racism, they aren’t pro-life. When they work to “destroy collective bargaining.” When they “underfund” public schools (by the way 54 percent of Iowa’s budget goes to education.) When they want to cut taxes and refuse to raise the minimum wage.

He adds a few more. But you likely get the point.

Then, he concludes:

“Maybe someday the Republican Party will become pro-life in the fullest sense of the term. Until that time, I am proud to call myself a Democrat.”

What Foxhoven fails to understand is that government’s role really isn’t to do many of the things he wants it to do. But its first duty is literally the protection of life.

Protection of life, Jerry. Not the destruction of it.  

When it comes to some of Foxhoven’s concerns, many of them should be addressed by other institutions — namely the family, the extended family, the community and the church.

But Democrats have done such an outstanding job at eroding those institutions many are left turning to government for help instead of other human beings.

Democrats took individual responsibility for being charitable and helping one another and centralized it — surprise, surprise.

Here is what Foxhoven misses, and I’m not sure how. The guy is a lawyer, former law professor and was the DHS director for Iowa — he can’t be this dumb.

If someone is overly concerned about climate change, they can advocate for avenues to address it.

If someone feels discriminated against because someone else won’t abandon their faith, they can sue them.

If someone thinks they are the victim of racism, they can seek resolution.

If someone wants more collective bargaining rights, they can advocate for them or find work elsewhere.

If someone isn’t getting a quality education, they can seek one elsewhere.


But you know who cannot advocate to right the wrong of their plight?

The more than 60 million unborn babies who were killed because of the Party, politicians and policies that Foxhoven supports.

Do Republicans have it all figured out on every single policy? No. They aren’t perfect.

But they aren’t the ones standing up and fighting for the right to continue killing unborn babies intentionally and legally.

That is what abortion is in its simples terms.

It is wicked. It is hated by God. It is deranged.

And it is why no Democrat can say with an ounce of intellectual honesty or moral consistency they are “pro-life.”

Author: Jacob Hall