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From the PITT Substack:

Written by the sister of a PITT author….

It’s not that I lived in a bubble, but my daughter is older and has a child who is three years old. I guess I just didn’t realize what was happening in grade schools, middle schools, and high schools.

I wasn’t aware of the transgender cult or that there were puberty blockers being given to young children, or that surgeons were removing young girls’ breasts, and that suicide was being used as a threat towards parents who raised questions or concerns.

None of this was on my radar until my sibling told me her story—about her son, my nephew. By the time she opened up to me, she had been dealing with this for over 2 years. That was six months ago, and I have spent those last six months getting up to speed, reading and learning everything I can to learn about this transgender ideology that has done such damage to my family.

Last Spring, my nephew graduated and, at the ceremony, he used a different name, a girl’s name. I was horrified and deeply saddened for my sister and brother-in-law. Then, after a painful summer, my nephew left home. He is only 18 years old, and we have no idea where he is living or staying. He believes he was born in the wrong body and that he would be happier if he was a girl. He wants to take hormones but my sister and her husband were adamant and said no not as long as you live under our roof, because they are aware of the extreme medical risks of taking this step. So one day, when they were at work, he packed his things and left.

Lately I have avoided Starbucks. Ever since my sister told me that this company supports the transgender cult and will pay for kids to have top or bottom surgery. I no longer patronize them. This morning though, I was on my way to meet 12 other ladies for a day of scrapbooking. I had a late start so, against my better judgment, I went into Starbucks to grab a quick snack. There was a young worker I couldn’t help but stare at. She was clearly a young girl trying to look like a boy. She had facial hair above the lip and chin, but it was clear that she was female, with her long graceful fingers, slim waist and hips, and breasts, which she was attempting to hide beneath an apron. She was covered in tattoos, had a nose ring, and long hair tucked up under a cap.

I was overwhelmed with sadness watching this poor young confused child, who clearly has been brainwashed into thinking that she could become a boy. It brought my mind immediately to my nephew. Is he working in a cafe somewhere, sporting eye make up, his long blonde hair curled, wearing nail polish and lipstick and in general doing his best to approximate the appearance of a girl?

We all go about our business every day and do our best, most days, to avoid getting involved in issues that don’t impact us directly. Now that I’ve come face-to-face with reality, I no longer have the luxury to look away. What has happened to the innocence of youth? I hate surgeons, pharmaceutical companies, the political supporters, and the teachers and groomers who have allowed this to happen. No matter how hard that young girl at Starbucks tries to become a boy she will always be a girl. I paid for my water and banana nut bread and sat in my car and cried.

I ache for my nephew and worry about his future and hope he will be safe and return to his family. We cannot give up this fight and we must continue to hope that the truth will set our loved ones free…


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