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Abortion. It has been the topic of discussion for the last 24 hours in America.



We talk about it often. Politicians discuss it often. Voters vote based upon it often. Christians pray about it often.


But using that one word, those eight letters, doesn’t do it justice.


It would help if we could call it what it is — the intentional ending of an unborn baby’s life.

Abortion. That is what abortion is. It is the intentional ending of an unborn baby boy or girl’s life.

We have another word for the intentional ending of a human life, but it isn’t abortion.

Consider a pregnant woman driving to receive her abortion at the nearest Planned Parenthood. She’s preparing to turn into the parking lot. However, as she begins to turn a drunk driver traveling far too fast to stop in time T-bones her.

Mom survives, unborn baby doesn’t. Unborn baby dies due to the accident. In many states, if not all, there is a charge that comes with killing that unborn baby.

But if that drunk driver is either 10 seconds sooner or 10 seconds later, mom turns safely into the parking lot, walks into Planned Parenthood with a living human being inside of her, and walks out with that baby no longer living, nothing.


Equality under the law? Justice?

Abortion is an ugly word to those who truly know what it means, but it isn’t ugly enough to describe the actual practice. The intentional ending of an unborn baby’s life. An act leading to the intentional death of another person.

As a society, it is imperative we agree on terms and definitions. Imagine two football teams playing a football game on a field where neither can agree on the out-of-bounds lines.

For Democrats, abortion is about a woman’s right to choose what happens with her body. But it isn’t her body that is being harmed — it is the unborn baby’s body.

There are always — always — two bodies involved in an abortion, never one. The one has a voice, the other does not. The one who will be most impacted by having his or her life intentionally ended is totally reliant on the other person to make a decision that doesn’t involve intentionally killing them.

It is a distinct, separate human being with its own set of DNA, its own body, its own soul.

A human being is a human being and science is clear, life begins at conception. At what other point is it possible for life to begin other than the beginning?

Unborn babies are people. They too have bodies. Yet they do not have any choice. They are at the mercy of their mothers.

There is no doubt there is no one more defenseless, weaker and more vulnerable than unborn babies.

Yet half the country is distraught unborn babies can no longer be intentionally killed. That is what abortion is, after all.

This isn’t in judgment of any woman who has ever had an abortion. We all change over time. Heck, the first column I wrote about abortion took the opposite side I’m arguing now.

But it should not be OK in a civilized society for unborn babies to intentionally be killed. And that is what we’re talking about when we’re talking about abortion.

When we defend abortion, we’re defending the intentional ending of an unborn baby’s life. When we support abortion, we’re supporting the intentional ending of an unborn baby’s life. When we vote for politicians who commit to abortion, we’re voting for politicians who are committing to the continued intentional ending of an unborn baby’s life.

I just hope people realize that’s what abortion is. That is what they are supporting.

No, I’m not a birthing person, but I once was an unborn baby. And so was everyone reading this. And we’re here because our mom allowed us to live. Who are we to not allow others to do the same?

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. Abortion needs to be called murder. That is exactly what it is. Intentionally ending a life causes death. That is premeditated murder.


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