ACLU of Iowa touts its 2018 ‘victories’

The ACLU of Iowa released a Year In Review video touting some of its key victories for civil rights and liberties in Iowa from 2018. These are some the victories highlighted:

“WOMEN’S RIGHTS: With Planned Parenthood, successfully blocked Iowa’s 72-hour waiting period abortion law at the Iowa Supreme Court.

Also filed a second lawsuit that, so far, has blocked Iowa’s 6-week abortion law.

LGBT RIGHTS: First court victory in the state challenging Medicaid’s discrimination against transgender people.

VOTING RIGHTS: Created reliable voting rights information for print and social media.

FREE SPEECH: Filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Iowa’s “ag gag” law that criminalizes efforts to expose problems in ag processing facilities.

Helped block so-called ‘religious freedom’ legislation that is really just permission to use religious beliefs to discriminate.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM: Helped pass legislation that drastically limits civil asset forfeiture by law enforcement — the unconstitutional seizure of an individual’s cash or property.

Successfully lobbied against attempts to reinstate the death penalty in Iowa after it was abolished almost 50 years ago.”