ACLU uses singer Halsey to raise money to keep killing of unborn children legal

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As we have reported, the ACLU is fighting hard to keep the practice of killing unborn babies legal. The ACLU has sent out a handful of fundraising emails in light of the “extreme” abortion bans sweeping the country.

The ACLU also sent out this video on Friday which features Halsey, who I guess is a singer. Halsey says she is angry because politicians are attacking “our” constitutional right to abortion.

Here’s the most ironic line from the video:

“I want everyone to know that although the news out there is really scary, today abortion is still legal in all 50 states. So if you need an abortion, call the clinic nearest you. They are still open and still caring for patients. While I’m afraid, I know that so many people across this country are fighting too.”

The news that states are restricting the “right” to kill unborn babies is really scary. Really? Halsey says she’s “afraid.”

She praises the ACLU lawyers who have won this fight before. She says some of the real heroes of the movement are abortion providers, clinics and the National Network of Abortion Funds.

“They’re on the front lines doing everything they can to ensure that every person who needs an abortion can get one.”

Another example of another person fighting for the right to continue killing unborn children in America.

It’s not just dangerous, it’s sad.