Progressive group ActBlue helping candidate in Waterloo ‘non-partisan’ election

Waterloo will hold a special election Tuesday, Dec. 11 to fill the empty Ward 5 seat left vacant by Chris Shimp’s resignation in August. Waterloo’s city elections are supposed to be non-partisan, but candidate Ray Feuss has used ActBlue, which helps progressive candidates raise money.

Feuss, who is a former teacher and currently works for the Iowa State Education Association, has also received $2,500 from Friends and Firefighters of Waterloo as well as $2,650 in donations rom PACs associated with unions. 

Feuss has raised a little more than $15,000 and spent about $13,000.

His opponent, Jason Welch, has raised just under $2,000. Welch has run for office twice before as a Republican. He’s running as a self-described fiscal conservative. 

While the election and position are supposed to be non-partisan, the involvement of organized labor and ActBlue makes it partisan. 

ActBlue’s website claims the group is “powering Democratic candidates, committees, parties, organizations and c4s around the country.”

Author: Jacob Hall