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Katy Faust was the guest on Family Research Council’s recent “Pray, Vote, Stand” espidoe. Faust discussed why the “Respect for Marriage Act” puts adult desires above the rights and well-being of kids.

Faust said she is passionate about this issue — children and their rights — because she’s worked with kids for 20 years and has never met a kid who lost a relationship with their mom or dad that at minimum wasn’t curious but usually has a lifelong wound.

“Second, this is personal for me because the other side very often makes this about animous, hatred, phobia, fear of people in the LGBT community,” Faust said. “You know that’s not true. I know that’s not true. My mom’s been in a relationship with her partner for more than 30 years — I love them both.

“There’s absolutely no conflict, especially for Christians, with loving those that we disagree with and standing firm on natural marriage for exactly the reason you just said — because children have a right to their mother and father. And ever since Obergefell, that is a right that has been utterly ignored. And that’s an injustice. So to me I look at the marriage issue and it is primarily an issue of justice for children.”

Faust said making husbands and wives optional in marriage would make mothers and fathers optional in parenthood.

“Some of us warned about this,” she said. “And unfortunately we were exactly right. Two years after Obergefell the Supreme Court heard the case of Pavan v. Smith, which permitted two women to legally cut their child’s father off of their birth certificate and legally out of their lives if the two women were ‘married’ to each other. And so this absolutely has made more children motherless and fatherless.”

Faust added if the law passes, what they’re trying to do is legislate away something that can never be legislated away.

“And that is a child’s longing, need and right to their own mom and dad,” she said. “This absolutely is the elevation of adult desires above the rights and well-being of children. And no senator, especially a Republican senator, should get on board with this.”

Faust said Republicans who decide to support the bill are prioritizing their “social acceptance over the well-being of children.”

“It’s cowardly and it’s unjust. Don’t do it,” she said.

Faust said in our personal lives, we should be the most loving and sacrificial people possible with LGBTQ individuals.

“Even if they know that you disagree on policy issues, when they think about you, they should think, ‘she’s wrong. But oh my gosh she loves me,'” Faust said. “And then if the relationship breaks down it’s because they are moving away from you, not because you’re moving away from them.

“But on matters of policy, when you are talking about things that you should vote on and encourage your senator to vote on, I would encourage you to take notice of Isaiah, where he says justice is absent in the public square and the Lord was grieved because of it.”

Faust said as voters, our primary duty is “justice.”

“Especially to those that cannot defend themselves. Marriage is a matter of justice for children. And if we compromise on man/woman marriage, what we’re doing is we are incentivizing, endorsing and promoting motherlessness and fatherlessness. Now, there’s four demographics int he Old Testament that deserve special protection and recognition — widows, orphans, the poor and the foreigner. We are specifically exhorted to protect the fatherlessness. If you compromise on God’s design for sex and marriage and if you don’t encourage your senator to vote against this ‘Respect for Marriage Act,’ really what you’re saying is, ‘I’m OK endorsing not just fatherless kids, but motherless kids.’ And that is millstone-around-your-neck territory people, don’t go there.”

Iowa Republican Representatives Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks already voted for this legislation in the House. Third District Republican candidate Zach Nunn said he would have voted in support of it as well.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst are yet to say publicly whether they will vote in support of the legislation.



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