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From time to time it seems we give a hard time to Republican legislators. It is never our intention to do this. We’d actually prefer not to.


We understand in a legislative body it takes a certain number of people to get something done. In the Iowa House, the magic number is 51. In the Iowa Senate, it’s 26.

The good news for Republicans is they have 60 in the Iowa House and 32 in the Iowa Senate. The bad news for Republicans is they have 60 in the Iowa House and 32 in the Iowa Senate.

How can both of these things be true? Because with Republican majorities, Republicans only have one excuse for not passing conservative legislation — fellow Republicans.

We’ve preached this before, and I guess we’ll preach it again in light of the Medical Freedom & Privacy bill’s death, there is not a single thing Democrats can do to stop something from becoming law in Iowa. Nothing.

The only people who can stop legislation are Republican lawmakers. Yeah, that’s right — Republican-on-Republican crime.

And I am sure it gets old for Republican lawmakers having a Republican member of the media expressing frustration and disappointment with their inability to “go all the way” on certain issue or address certain topics.

I’m sure of this because it gets really old having to write about the frustration and disappointment resulting from lawmakers who want to lecture their conservative base on settling for “as good as they can get” when we have 60 votes in the Iowa House.

I understand the need for compromise and settling in some situations, but 60 is considerably more than 51. And 32 is more than 25. So, why are we settling?

Because we have weak-kneed moderate RINO Republicans. More often than not, it’s the same characters doing the disappointing.

Why do we have weak-kneed moderate RINO Republicans? Because they are afforded cover. They never have to put their weak-kneed moderate RINO Republican votes on the board because Republicans are more than wiling to “protect the caucus.”

They’re beholden to their fellow legislators rather than their fellow Iowans.

So here we are. Once again having to settle. Once again being lectured about how we can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

I would suggest forcing a vote on the bill. Let the weak-kneed moderate RINO Republicans put their no’s up on the board. Let them own their votes. I’m a big believer in that biblical principle of letting your yes be your yes.

And own it.

And by own it, I also mean own the consequences.

Then, when Iowans see we can’t get the full bite of the apple, we’ll settle. But let’s quit protecting the weak-kneed moderate RINO Republicans and start representing the interests of the people electing our lawmakers.

Is that too much to ask?

Simply being happy with taking the best we can get right now and allowing weak-kneed moderate RINO Republicans cover gives a win to the weak-kneed moderate RINO Republicans. And it only ensures us writing another column, just like this, on another issue where conservative Iowans are told to settle. To not let perfect be the enemy good. To trust that the votes just aren’t there.

It is a vicious cycle. And it’s a cycle we will be on until the system changes and Iowans are actually represented.

So, in conclusion, here’s a piece of advice to Republicans who are tired of being called out for their caucus or their party not being Republican — start being Republicans. Quit protecting the weak-kneed moderate RINO Republicans and start representing the conservative Republican base that keeps putting you in office.

In short, if you don’t want criticism from Republicans, start acting like Republicans. You may be amazed at how quickly the criticisms turn into cheers.

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. Preach it, Jacob. I prefer to call weak-kneed RINOs, DIABLOs – – Democrats In All But Label Only. They run for office claiming to be conservative but more often than not are more aligned with Marxists.

    And by covering these DIABLOs, the GOP only hurt themselves in the long run. The notion of a big tent is a fallacy if it includes members that don’t align with the base. And without a base, the GOP will lose its raison d’etre.

    This is how the Whig party was eliminated by the Republican party over two election cycles, culminating in the election of President Lincoln in the 1850s. Because the Whigs didn’t want to confront slavery.

  2. Once upon a time we heard of a country forming because of “taxation without representation”. Seems we are getting a lot of “legislation” without representation these days.
    Amos 5:12 KJV
    12 For I know your manifold transgressions and your mighty sins: they afflict the just, they take a bribe, and they turn aside the poor in the gate from their right.
    In the old days all legal business was done at the gate of the city. Today we have court houses, and Des Moines legislatures, and the governor’s office doing what God warned Amos of. Especially when they allow people’s land to be confiscated and given to others for profit.


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