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Year 2019 is here. The Leftists gained the narrative again in 2018. The Church is reluctant to speak or act. After all our job is to simply preach the gospel, isn’t it? Is it right to be vocal and active about the sins that plague this nation?

The fact is that this nation was created specifically for us. This country was established with religious freedom as the primary purpose. That doesn’t mean we don’t share with others.


No other faith shares like the Christian faith. But that being well established, this country was made for us.

It was given to us by God. The miracle of the Pilgrim’s journey and survival both on the Mayflower and in Plymouth still inspires us in our history books and every Thanksgiving holiday. The defeat of the British Empire to gain our freedom was miraculous.

There is no way we should’ve had the courage to take on England. A long shot by man and a miracle of God gave us this country.

We have sinned in so many ways. Slavery being the most severe and obvious of our national sins in the 18th and 19th centuries. Eventually we righted that wrong legally and we were right to spill blood for that cause. We still suffer the consequences of that great evil today.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, the great evil is the one of adults murdering children. The medical term for the American Holocaust is abortion. I have no doubt that we will eventually get that right as well. I feel the tide rising as I write this article.

The consequences of this sin will never fully be known. We will never know the cures we missed out on. We will never know the judgement of God in full until we reach heaven, but it will be unimaginable.

I want to remind the Christian and the Church that this country is yours. It was given to you by God so you could worship and live according to your Biblical beliefs. It is the result of many Puritan prayers and sacrifices. It was given to you by those who cried “Give me liberty or give me death”.

Will we allow the roaring lion to devour our nation and our children? It is not spiritual to hand our country and our kids to the enemy of souls without a fight.

The Pilgrims would say America is worth it. Our forefathers would say the sacrifice to speak and act is worth it.

After all, wasn’t it our Lord who told us to be the light of the world? Wasn’t it Jesus who said don’t put a bushel on that light? I wonder if our church buildings have become the bushel? Have we established a safe space where we hide our light and hide from the devil? Our light is meant for all to see. Salt is meant to be on the earth and provide the difference.

As we move into another year, let’s remember that America was made for us. If we don’t put legs to our faith soon, we may find our faith and nation to be dead.

God’s Law is the basis for our law. God’s heart for life and liberty is the basis for our nation’s heart.

Hiding time and church safe space must end soon. Our apathy won’t save sinners.

We won’t reach the World with catering and manipulation. It’s gospel truth spoken in love with actions that match that does His work. We must act like God gave us a gift, because He did.

Author: Ken Peters

Ken Peters is the senior pastor of Covenant Spokane and Covenant Moses Lake.


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