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***As with most things, plans didn’t quite work out. On our trips to Washington D.C., we talked with Americans from all over the country about what brought them to D.C. And we wanted to share their stories, but things were overshadowed. We decided to give it a few months and instead do a ‘look-back’ sort of series with our interviews. We hope you enjoy the insights and perspectives of patriots who gathered in D.C. from all over America.***

Carliss flew to D.C. from Texas. She had only ever driven through the nation’s capital prior to her visit for the Jan. 6 event.

“I want to be here to support President Trump because he has done everything he promised he would do,” she told us. “He has been President of the people, President for the people and has supported the people. I think it’s important that the people stand behind him and show our support.”

Most of her friends back in Texas are conservatives, and they feel there was not only election fraud but also voter fraud in seven states.

“You get a lot of people who are blind and saying there was no fraud,” she said. “But that’s because they’re watching the mainstream media that was saying there was no fraud.”

She liked both the lawsuit her state filed regarding election integrity and the suit filed by Congressman Louie Gohmert.

“I was very ashamed that the Supreme Court didn’t take the lawsuit,” she said. “Especially when I heard that Justice Roberts and the other justices were screaming in the room and he was saying he wasn’t taking the case because he didn’t want rioting. Well, you’re not supposed to not take cases based on rioting, you’re supposed to not take cases based on the U.S. Constitution.”

At the time of the interview (Jan. 5), there was a spontaneous time of praise and worship happening at the Lincoln Memorial. Americans from all over the country, and all walks of life, huddled for a moment of prayer.

“It gives me chills,” Carliss said. “It lets me know, as the song that’s playing right now, our God is powerful, our God is still in the miracle-working business and He’s not through with this election. If it’s God’s will, Trump will be President and He will not allow this election to be stolen.”

I asked Carliss what happens next — whether President Trump remained in the White House or if Joe Biden moved in.

“The main thing is people need to turn back to God,” she said. “As God has promised in the Bible, if people will turn to God, He will heal their land. And you’ve got this COVID outbreak in the United States, I think that’s because a lot of people have turned from God. If we will just kneel before Him, He will show mercy on our land. That’s the main thing is turning back to God. Contrary to what President Obama said, our country was founded on Judeo Christian principles and that’s where we need to go back to.”

One thing was clear, Carliss loves her country.

“It is quite something (Washington D.C),” she said. “It’s just so surreal. When I walked into the inside of the Lincoln Memorial, there was just this calmness, this stillness, this aweness. And, as a mater of fact, when I walked into the Lincoln Memorial it made me so sad to know that a lot of the liberals and Democrats are taking down Lincoln statutes, renaming schools that are named after him after he took a bullet to the head defending the black people. To me that’s just a shame.”

Author: Jacob Hall