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It’s happening here. Right here in the United States of America.

Liberty Counsel has filed five federal lawsuits on behalf of churches in Maine, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois and California.

Why Maine? Churches must apply to the state government for permission to operate. Only churches granted a state-issued “badge” of approval are allowed to operate and the badge is required to be displayed on the exterior of the building.

Why Virginia? The governor issued a 10-person order at a Palm Sunday service. A pastor had 16. The pastor was arrested and officers remained stationed in the church parking lot to warn prospective attendees away.

Why Kentucky? After attending a drive-in-stay-in-your-own-car Easter service, 14 people were put on mandatory 14-day quarantine. As a result, some lost their job and have been unable to find work.

Why Illinois? Romanian churches were targeted by state and local governments. Cars of neighbors were towed around the church to create hostility against the church. Police vehicles blocked the church parking lot. There was even a threat to seize and demolish the church buildings should a church meet with more than 10 people inside.

Why California? All religious singing and chanting is banned and in 32 counties — representing 80 percent of California’s population — people cannot worship in church. There’s even a ban on Bible studies or fellowship in their own homes.