American History Without Apology

Join us in a conversation during Celebrate American History Month with the Hon. Bob McEwen, executive director of the Council for National Policy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022, at 12 PM (ET)

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How did America become so free, prosperous, and powerful?

The short answer is: Through the grace of God.

The longer answer involves our Western heritage, a uniquely blessed continent, brilliant founders and a Constitution like no other.

September is Celebrate American History Month at STAND.

Throughout the month, we are highlighting vital American history that schools too often no longer teach.

Such as how America overcame slavery and Jim Crow, won two world wars, defeated the Soviet Union, built the most dynamic economy and technology in history – lifting billions out of poverty – and why America continues to be a beacon of liberty to the world.

Liberal elites disdain patriotism, disrespect the Flag and denounce the very free enterprise system that has made them rich. Indeed, many of them have nothing but contempt for our country. They have been well trained by the Marxists who influenced them.

Worst of all, they have miseducated a generation of youths who have contempt for their own country and mistakenly think socialism is a path to nirvana.

STAND’s mission is to unite Americans across racial and cultural lines to defend American exceptionalism and the Judeo-Christian history and values that produced it.

There are several months on America’s national calendar dedicated to particular cultures and aspects of American history. However, there is no month dedicated to the culture and history of the entire nation. There is no month dedicated to our unity as a nation.

Our Constitution was passed on September 17, 1787. Thus, that event provides a central theme around which to celebrate our history for the entire month. We cannot allow another generation to come and go without teaching our citizens – especially our children – the truth about our country.

We will not rest until “Celebrate American History Month” becomes a cultural landmark to inform and inspire Americans to respect and appreciate our history. Our citizens must be set free from the anti-American propaganda that has infected the culture and poisoned our politics.

To keep our liberty and prosperity we must do two things: Return to reliance on God, our ultimate authority and source of salvation (through Jesus Christ), and work to preserve what’s right in our institutions, beginning with Congress in November.

Oh, and continue to tell the truth about America – without apology.

Bob McEwen leads the Council for National Policy, a group of national security, economic and social conservatives that work to keep America strong.

Mr. McEwen was elected to represent Ohio’s sixth district in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1980. Prior to his congressional service, he operated a successful Ohio real estate and development firm and served three terms in the Ohio General Assembly as the Senior Republican on the Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee.

In Congress, Bob filled a variety of positions. He was asked to serve as Special Presidential Envoy for both Presidents Reagan and George H. W. Bush. He also served as a United States representative to the European Parliament from 1985 to 1993.

Rep. McEwen served as Chairman of the Environmental Affairs task force of the United States delegation to the European Parliament. He was selected by the Democratic leadership of the U.S. Congress as the chief spokesman for the United States in discussions with the European Green Party and other Environmental Organizations.

On August 23, 1989, Congressman McEwen and Sen. Bob Dole participated as United States observers in Warsaw, Poland to the first-ever Parliamentary election of a non-Communist leader of a Soviet bloc country. Hours later, the new Prime Minister, in his first official act, received the Congressman and Senator prior to meeting with the Soviet representatives of the regime that had occupied that nation for 50 years. This action was the spark that encouraged the collapse of Soviet-dominated governments throughout Eastern Europe culminating in the destruction of the Berlin Wall 10 weeks later. Senator Dole and Rep. Bob McEwen met the following day with the President and U.S. National Security team in Kennebunkport, Maine to fashion the United States response and position in support of Warsaw Pact nations seeking to break away from Soviet domination.

Rep. McEwen served as an official United States observer in Moscow during both the 1991 Soviet coup attempt and to the Kremlin in January of 1992 when the Soviet Union was dissolved.

Bob was elected by his colleagues to the two most coveted positions in the U. S. Congress; the Select Committee on Intelligence, which oversees all of our nation’s secrets, and the powerful House Committee on Rules, which has jurisdiction over all legislation. As one of only four Republicans on the 13-member Rules Committee, Mr. McEwen managed nearly one-third of all legislation on the House floor for the Republican side of the congressional aisle.

Bob McEwen’s legislation approved by Congress included the National Strategy Act, which realigned the chain of command during times of hostilities directly from the Theater Commander to the National Command Authority in Washington. Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and General Norman Schwarzkopf have credited this change with playing a major role in the success of Operation Desert Storm.

He was selected by administration and congressional leaders to floor manage such critical national security legislation as the B-2 bomber authorization, the nuclear freeze debate, and to give the closing arguments before the vote to authorize military action by the United States in Desert Storm.

Bob McEwen has often been selected as negotiator to bring resolution to Senate/House conference committee impasses on dozens of pieces of legislation, particularly affecting Public Works, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and International Relations.

Mr. McEwen has appeared on CNN’s Crossfire, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Larry King Live and other network programs. As a leading advocate for pro-family interests and free-market economics, he has written for numerous national publications and maintains an active international speaking schedule.

Bob is married to the former Liz Boebinger of Canton, Ohio. Together they have four children. Bob & Liz McEwen volunteer as speakers at Family Life Marriage Conferences in the United States and Canada.

Please join us for this important and stimulating discussion.


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