Americans not obligated to obey orders issued by governors, Napolitano says

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There was an enlightening interview earlier this week on Fox News when Tucker Carlson talked with Judge Andrew Napolitano. The two talked about restrictions placed on citizens by governors and mayors.

Carlson asked how it’s possible for politicians to ignore the Constitution and take away rights that are guaranteed.

“Well, it will be allowed if a politician believes he can get away with it because the public accepts the illusion of safety rather than the idea of liberty for which many of our wars have been fought and many of our forebears have died in order to preserve the liberties which now have been taken away by these politicians because they think they know what’s better for us than we know for ourselves,” Napolitano said. “They’re not interested in choice. They’re not interested in the Bill of Rights.”

Napolitano then delivered a simple, yet concerning line:

“Tucker, the constitutional guarantees — free speech, free press, the right to assemble, the right to worship — are only as good as the human beings in whose hands we have reposed the Constitution for safekeeping. And the governors you have referred to in Maine, in New Jersey, in Illinois, in California, have no regard for the Constitution because they have public sentiment behind them because they have scared the daylight out of the public and very few people are willing to stand up and say enough.”

This line really isn’t near as complex as it sounds at first. It’s actually quite simple. And it’s something to be honest I had never really considered.

We’ve had it good in America for quite a while. While our rights here and there have eroded over time, there really hasn’t been a huge erosion in a very short amount of time like there has with the COVID-19 situation.

And while some governors have done better at others in their attempts to respect those rights, others have failed miserably.

This has provided a reality in which our rights were reliant upon who was serving in office. And these are pretty basic rights that really aren’t supposed to be provided by the government. And if the government doesn’t provide a right, it certainly is not supposed to take it away.

Napolitano continued to say that Americans are not obligated to follow these illegal orders issued by a governor.

Finally, Tucker talked about the fact that the government closed down churches during COVID-19.

“I can’t control myself, I’ve got to say shame on many of our religious leaders for following these illegitimate orders and taking orders from the government. That’s not what they should be doing, for sure.”

Author: Jacob Hall