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Finally, people are catching on to how our corrupt elites are beholden to China, starting with the first family.

The Biden family received a $5 million interest-free, forgivable loan from a Chinese energy company five years ago, according to FBI evidence.  Senator Chuck Grassley called for a pay-to-play corruption investigation.  Joe Biden was out of the White House at the time, but a witness said the money was compensation – deliberately deferred – for work Hunter and James Biden did while Joe Biden, who benefitted from the deal, was vice president.  A whistleblower who was part of the deal confirmed Joe Biden was personally involved and said the Bidens eventually expected to make billions from the Chinese.  The $5 million was eventually sent to entities tied to Hunter and James Biden.  Lawyers for those two have declined to answer questions about the deal.  Senator Grassley, in calling for an investigation, said the evidence points to potential criminality.  Pay-to-play – an investigation would uncover exactly what the Chinese received in exchange for the $5 million forgivable loan.  Enquiring minds want to know.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to appoint China sympathizers to the State Department.  His latest appointment once told Americans to “embrace China” and worked with Chinese front groups to advance Chinese interests in Washington.  Get this – this person is being appointed to a position supposedly created to counter China’s growing influence.  Yeah, like that’s going to happen.  Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse.  This fox joins the other China-sympathizing foxes Biden has appointed to State Department positions.

Currying influence in Washington has paid off for China.  U.S. government agencies gave $29 million in joint research grants to Chinese entities in a recent six-year period.  The grants came from the CDC, NIH, and Pentagon and went for research into vaccines, drones, and drugs.  Sounds pretty benign until you realize the communist Chinese do not distinguish between civilian and military research.  All research is military research in China.  Talk about giving them the rope to hang us with.  We wouldn’t know about this if Republicans hadn’t asked GAO for the information.  GAO said in its report there are ways around reporting requirements, so the true extent of U.S. taxpayer money going to China for research is unknown.

But money doesn’t have to go to China for China to get its hands on U.S. research.  A new Pentagon study shows China seeks out U.S. companies that get federal research funding and recruits them to perform work for Chinese entities tied to the Chinese military.  The U.S. companies betray their own country by selling out to the Chinese, at which point their research is transferred to Chinese subsidiaries.  The kinds of research ending up in China this way involve drugs, drones, spacecraft, bio-sensors, solar energy, and a catch-all category ‘military devices’.   The Pentagon study concluded China benefits more from our research than we do.   People say China can’t innovate, but this is pretty darn clever.  Legislation is needed to disqualify U.S. firms that have ties to China and pose this kind of national security risk.

One final note: the CEOs of Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Citigroup told Congress last month they would follow U.S. government guidance to refrain from doing business in China if China were to invade Taiwan.  But given the forgivable loans, expectations to make billions, and ‘10 percent for the Big Guy’, can you really see Joe Biden giving the CEOs the order to pull out of China?  I can’t.   That’s just one possible consequence of allowing China to capture our elites.  There are others.

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