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During a Pizza & Policy event hosted by Sioux County Conservatives earlier this month, Congressman Steve King was asked for his thoughts about election integrity and if there will ever be another fair election in the U.S.

“I think it’s going to have to come from the grassroots if it’s going to ever be fair again,” he said. “I’m like, I think most people in this room, I think that election was stolen so many different ways that you can’t put your finger on any one thing. From social media censoring any conservative message and advancing and propagandizing the liberal message to nearly four years of beating on Trump for the Russia, Russia, Russia investigation, the weaponization of the departments of government — the State Department, the CIA, the Department of Justice…including the FBI — you put all that together and you don’t even have to steal votes and you know the election was corrupt. But I think they did that too.”

King said in 2000 he chaired the Iowa Senate State Government Committee. It was his job to bring forward any reform language.

“I had three days I had to be out, other than that I didn’t go to bed — I sat in my chair in front of the TV with my laptop and my cell phone,” he said. “I just searched around and searched for election corruption and I found a lot of it in the country. And I came to believe that there is a lot of it and I brought the fixes into the State Senate and I couldn’t get the Republicans in the House to follow along with it. They undercut my legislation that would’ve put us in a place better than we have now.”

King said when he arrived in D.C. he learned about the Help America Vote Act.

“And so that meant that we had to have voting machines because blind people can’t fill in the dot and of course they can’t trust anybody to do it for them, so we had to put voting machines in,” he said. “When that happened, I just hated that because, you know, we need to have a paper ballot trail and that has to be the official ballot. That got all corrupted. And we know these voting machines — Dominion in particular — were set up with the internet and they could have been hacked and they were hacked. And we had people show us that — all you had to do is just go on the internet and you could watch it.”

King referred to an area outside of Pittsburgh where one of his former staffers went to work the election polls.

“They wouldn’t let them get close enough to even see what was going on with the voting,” he said. “They had to be way back. She said ‘I saw pallets of ballots that were brought in.'”

King said there are two counties — one in western Pennsylvania and the other in eastern Ohio.

“They match up right on the border and they’re almost identical politically,” King said. “They might go for the Democrat, they might go for the Republican — but they go together. They’re always going to be within one or two points of each other.”

King said Trump won the Ohio county by seven or eight points. Biden won the Pennsylvania county by a lot.

“How do we fix it,” he asked rhetorically. “We have to keep drilling down in, but the Supreme Court really backed away from this. That shut down so much that we might have been able to do. But their decision on that, deciding not to hear, pretty much came down to this — that the states are going to run the elections and no matter how corrupt they are, if it’s OK with the states, then we’re not going to intervene. And that troubles me a lot.

“I don’t want to nationalize the elections and hand it over to Nancy Pelosi. But on the other hand, if we’re going to let a state decide that they’re going to run a corrupt operation and push their electoral votes in there and elect a President of the United States because the corruption would do that, then America is essentially no more also.”

King called for a return to an “Election Day.”

“Bring it back to what it should be,” he said. “The gold standard would be everybody votes on Election Day at the polls on paper. And those votes, as far as not being on paper there, those votes don’t count. And the audits need to be counted with Democrats and Republicans monitoring every bit of it.”

King said we must go through voter rolls as well.

“What I did in the Iowa State Senate was required the voter registration list to be free of duplicates, deceased and felons,” he said. “And I required the Secretary of State to certify that those registered are citizens and require a picture ID and a paper ballot. And that would get a lot of it done. But I didn’t get that voting time collapsed enough.”

King said he’s OK with early voting if people walk into the auditor’s office and vote, but has concerns with satellite locations and anyone can walk in and toss ballots in there.

“You can’t monitor them either,” he said. “Every time a ballot changes hands, you increase the odds of corruption.”

Finally, King called for an election to be a snapshot.

“What if you learn something in the last 45 days and your vote is already in the dropbox down by Hy-Vee or whatever,” King said. “You can’t get your vote back. The longer you wait, the more information you have. It needs to be one day — what’s America think this day. I want to keep making that argument.

“If we keep doing these things, maybe — eventually maybe — but it’s going to take some providential intervention in my view. God’s more patient than I am.”

Author: Jacob Hall


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