Analysis: Condition of the State Address

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds delivered her Condition of the State Address on Tuesday. Reynolds put forth a pretty bipartisan message that had little, if any, controversy included.

There wasn’t much in the speech to energize the Republican base. In fact, it seemed to include a lot of government growth, increased spending and nothing about cutting taxes or reducing spending.

Reynolds did call for restoring the voting rights of felons, which will attract the Libertarians, but that’s about it.

She threw out the idea of bumping education spending up by more than $100 million more this year. More spending was mentioned in an effort to revitalize rural Iowa.
So, what issues didn’t make the cut into the Governor’s address?

Reforming the judicial selection process in the state of Iowa. Republicans seem pretty well rallied around the idea that something needs to be altered in regards to how the state selects its Supreme Court Justices.

Property tax reform. Anyone who owns property knows this is desperately needed. I’ll say no more.

Religious liberty protections and the life issue were completely shut out and ignored. To be fair, Republicans in Iowa have made significant strides the last two years on the life issue. But they’re not anywhere near where the platform encourages them to be.

And what about mandatory E-Verify? Last year a young Iowan was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien. Just a couple months ago here in Sioux Center a 19-year old male was arrested for sexual abuse for actions committed with a 12-year old. ICE issued a detainer for that male. How long will the state sit idly by and allow employers to take advantage of cheap labor while putting Iowans at unnecessary risk?

Nothing Second Amendment related. Nothing about ridding the state of Common Core.
In short, it left a lot to be desired for conservative Iowans.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall