Ankeny principal, police say parents cannot stand with their children on school property during mask protest

On Monday morning, a group of Ankeny students and their parents protested the district’s mask requirement outside Ankeny Centennial High School. Some of the students mentioned during the protest that cheerleaders were threatened there would not be a homecoming if students participated in the protest. Principal Jill Urich said that allegation is not true and students were not threatened about homecoming.

Ankeny officers got involved as well. The officer said Urich has the say over the property.

“Students are allowed to peacefully protest,” Urich said. “We’re just following protocol. Now that we’ve got school up and running we’re asking that you go up to the sidewalk. Legally students can protest on school property.”

One of the parents said they were there to support their children who are students.

“We are here for her,” she said. “I would like to know why it is that you don’t want the parents on school property.”

The officer said it wasn’t the time to argue or debate.

Urich said students could stay on school property but the parents needed to go to public property.

The parents and students moved to the sidewalk and engaged in a conversation with Urich, who to her credit stood and listened for quite a while to the concerns of the students and parents.

Author: Jacob Hall