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North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson provided passionate remarks Saturday in Des Moines at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Fall Supper. Robinson opened his remarks

“The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” Robinson said. “I do that because without Jesus Christ I would not be here. I would not be standing on this stage right now if it was not for Him. If He had abandoned me at times when I abandoned His principles and His will, I would not be here.”

Robinson said the wisdom of Jesus is “engrained” into America’s founding documents.

He said he has been criticized for declaring there are only two genders, and that God created man and woman.

“Anything outside of that is unnatural, unspiritual and does not fit into His creation,” Robinson said. “I had an unmitigated audacity to stand in a church and proclaim that those who are presenting pornography to our children in school — I had the audacity to proclaim that that was filthy. Of course, my words were taken and twisted.”

Robinson said when that happens — the media twists and turns his words — he counts it as a “badge of honor.”

“Think about that first chapter in the Bible,” he said. “What did that serpent do to Eve? Made her question what God Himself had told Adam. Did He really say that? Is that the truth? You see, that’s what our news media does. They take truth and they twist it and they tell their neighbors, their friends and they tell all their viewers — ‘Question what is real. Question the truth. When you hear truth, don’t take it at its face value.'”

Robinson declared he is “not afraid at all” of the news media. When he is questioned by the media about his previous statements, he “loves” doubling down. He said the “leftists in the media” must be reminded they do not hold the keys to heaven and hell in their hands. They do not hold power over Robinson or power over the Earth.

“There is only one who holds sway over this Earth – and His name is Jesus Christ,” Robinson said. “My faith is in Him. My knowledge comes from Him. My wisdom comes from Him. And my obedience comes from Him and not you. It’s time for folks to take a stand. We’ve taken too many knocks. We’ve taken too many losses. We’ve suffered too many defeats and our children and our homes are being abused on a daily basis.”

Robinson blasted the border situation, noting “anybody” can come across. He said policemen are being run out of the profession, leaving citizens helpless against criminals being put through a revolving door.

Then he hit on education.

“Take a look at what’s going on in education,” he said. “The school house being used to sexually pervert the minds of our youth.

“You know, if you’re an elected official and you’re not dead set in the middle of that fight, and you’re not standing up against these wicked perverts who are trying to put their hands on our children’s bodies and trying to possess their minds — turn in your elected status and let somebody else join the fight who will. It’s time for us to stand up.”

Robinson said it is time for the Christians to speak up and fight back.

“What are you afraid of as a Christian,” he asked. “Your ultimate example — Jesus Christ — gave His life. He literally gave His life for your salvation. And He had the power to squash His enemies with a finger. All He had to do was raise a finger, and His enemies would have been squashed. But He didn’t. He sacrificed His life for you.

“It’s time for us to stand up on truth. And we have the truth on our side…But here is the problem — many of us refuse to fight.”

Robinson went back in history to George Patton and how he inspired the men to do what was needed in order to win.

“When it was time to answer the call, the Americans were there,” he said. “They were inspired by the leadership, inspired by what was inside of them. They had a new mission at hand and that mission at hand was to not only win the battle but to win the war at all costs. Those men were ready to give their lives because their leadership stood up and boldly proclaimed ‘I am here to fight. I am here to fight. And I’m not here to send you to fight, I’m here to lead you into battle.’ And that’s what inspired those men and changed the course of the war.”

Robinson said in 2020 America had a “great man” in office in President Donald Trump. But the opposition started “lying” and decided to “play funny” with our votes.

“Yeah, I said it,” he said. “I still don’t think 83 million people voted for Joe Biden. I don’t think 83 million people know who Joe Biden is. I’m not sure if Joe Biden knows who Joe Biden is. The man might think his name is Brandon.

“It was a low point for our Party and surely since then, it has been a low point for this nation. But I’m here to tell you, there are new generals in charge. There is a renewal of the spirit of the American patriot in this place and going on right now.”

Robinson then fired shots against the “communists” who he said are in charge of America’s government.

“Yes, I called them Communists, who currently run our federal government,” he said. “People who would seek to literally lock you in chains, lock down your homes, lock down your families, take away your children, take away your rights, turn you against your neighbor because of skin color. But the American patriot is rising up like never before.”

This generation can get it done, but he said people must “answer the call.”

“YOu see, there was an event that happened way back in 1775. They made plans up in this place in Boston and said the British are going to come here and cease your arsenal. You do know that’s why they came, right? They didn’t come to shut down CNN. They came to take the guns out of your hands so you couldn’t fight for your freedom. Sound familiar to you?”

Americans made a plan for when the British came, however. And when the British showed up, the plan went into effect.

“They went and they banged on the doors of their neighbors and folks rolled out of bed, threw on their clothes and they answered that knock on the door. And they came out to face the most powerful army on Earth. Blacksmiths, farmers, pastors answered the call to come out and put their lives on the line for liberty that they did not yet have.”

It happened again during the Civil War. And it has happened throughout history — World War I, Pearl Harbor, Korea, Vietnam, 9-11, Desert Storm.

“People answered the call to defend freedom,” Robinson said. “So the question is now — will you answer the call? Will you answer the call and what is it that’s calling you? That wide open border is calling you to stand up and send someone to Washington D.C. who will close that border down and secure our sovereignty.

“The Second Amendment is calling you to stand up and protect our liberties because without that Second Amendment, I guarantee you the next one to go will be the First and the silencing of your voice. Our children, let me say that again, our children are crying out for you to answer the call. They are being abused. They are being lied to. They are being mistreated. And they are not being educated in a fashion that will help them be successful in this Constitutional Republic that we live in. They are crying out for you to answer the call.

“The bottom line is this — we know the issues. We know the problem.s But I think we’ve slightly lost sight of who the solution actually is. Is it Mark Robinson? Is it Larry Elder? Is it Donald Trump? Is it Ron DeSantis? In a small measure, yes. In the larger measure, it’s you.

“You are the kings and queens of this nation. in every home that you live in, you are the king, you are the queen of your home. You are the rulers of your own destiny and it is time for you to stand up and proclaim that. It is time to stop calling elected officials your leaders, they are not your leaders, they are your servants. And if they do not act like it, stand up and replace them. It is time for us to answer the call – the call to defend faith and freedom. Both are at hand. Both are at hand. And if we do not answer the call to defend, one day we’ll have to look at those who come after us — our little grandchildren — they’re grown and we’re old, we’ll have to look at them and tell them, ‘Sorry I was not man or woman enough. I’m sorry I did not have the courage to defend the freedom that I had so that I could pass it on to you the same way that someone did for me.’

“Let’s not make that a reality. Let’s make this the reality. Let’s make it a reality that in your home there will be a picture of you hanging on the wall. And many years from now your children, your great-grandchildren will look at that picture and say, ‘That was my grandfather, my great grandfather, my great grandmother, my grandmother and she defended my liberty for faith and freedom. And she passed those two things down on me because she or he answered the call when it was time. Let’s answer the call and save America for all time and for future generations.”



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