ANSWERING THE LEFT: You can’t legislate morality!

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Imagine how much easier holiday shopping would be if you had a dime for every time you heard “you can’t legislate morality!”

The cost of gifts would suddenly be no issue.

Legislation is law. Law is the system of rules regulating actions. Morality distinguishes between right and wrong behavior.

As you can see, it seems all legislation is rooted in morality — at least to some extent.
While far too many Republicans have been hoodwinked to buy into the inability to legislate right and wrong, Democrats have been doing it for decades. And when they can’t legislate it, they find judges to do their dirty work… but that’s another topic for another day.

If we’re not legislating morality, then what the heck are we legislating?

If there is no threat to public safety and the behavior or action has indifferent consequences, why are we making a law?

When we make a law, are we not in essence saying there is an acceptable behavior and there is an alternate behavior that requires punishment?

In other words, there’s right and there’s wrong. The government’s purpose, after ensuring the protection of its citizens, is to reward good and punish evil. How can it do that if it is incapable of legislating morality? Without morality there is no good and there is no evil.

Without morality, what in the world are we using as our basis for making law?

The question isn’t whether or not we can legislate morality — it is whose morality will determine our legislation.

What the Left really means is YOU cannot legislate YOUR morality because it is not the same as THEIR morality.

Make no mistake, someone’s morality will guide our legislation. Sure, we cannot use legislation to eradicate immorality from our community, our state or our country, but we can use legislation to punish evil and reward good.

Which is exactly what the government is supposed to do.

Author: Jacob Hall


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