APP: Facebook Silences Black Voices, Censors Another APP PAC Ad After Partisan “Fact-Check”

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On Saturday, Facebook removed an American Principles Project PAC (APP PAC) digital ad after a “fact-check” from Lead Stories rated the ad as false. 


The ad, written and directed by a Black man, features a Black woman telling her story about how policies supported by Joe Biden while he was a senator deprived her of her grandfather, and how the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization’s opposition to the nuclear family would deprive other children of fathers as well.




“Twenty-six years ago, Vice President Biden admitted that crime in the Black community was caused by society… Democrats said there was no hope for Blacks like my grandfather. They left him in jail, even though he changed… Soon, I was born — no father and no grandfather… And now Joe Biden supports the BLM organization that also wants to keep Black men from raising their children. I needed my dad, more than anything. Black lives, Black families, and Black futures do matter, Mr. Biden. And it starts at home.”


You can watch the full APP PAC ad here.


The ad was written and directed by Brandon Wallace of the Drogin Group. Wallace released the following statement explaining the ad:


“My name is Brandon Wallace Sr., and I am the creator, writer and director of the ad in focus. I am also an African American husband and father in a nuclear household. I was raised in a two-parent home, and I am raising my children to have the same family values.


“The reason that I created the ad is because in doing my due diligence on the BLM movement and organization, I found that the language on the BLM Organization’s ‘What We Believe’ page directly attacked fathers (and in my case, black fathers) in how it was worded and presented. Living as a black man in America is challenging. However, it also affords me insights that may not be apparent to people of other races, because they are not intimately familiar with the black experience. That is why blacks can hide messages and sentiments revealing their deeply held beliefs — in plain sight. 


“If you examine the since-deleted passage, ‘We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable,’ there are several messages hidden within that, when examined from the perspective of a father in a nuclear family as I am, paint a clear picture of BLM’s true belief. What it means to me is that fathers, as the head of the family, have no place in their organization. Their plan to make up for the absence of fathers is to support each other as extended families in a ‘village.’ 


“For those who do not know, in the black community it is often said, and known, that single mothers need the help of the ‘village’ to raise their children when black fathers are absent. That is what the sentence ‘especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable’ means. Additionally, the sentence deliberately singles out ‘mothers, parents and children…’ with fathers completely left out. That is by design. 


“Also, children in today’s black culture are encouraged to refer to their same-sex

parents as ‘my parents’ instead of ‘my moms or my dads’ to avoid the possibility of discrimination. And finally, since the target of the passage is fathers, in my belief, this passage excludes same-sex dads as well — especially since fathers are expressly excluded.


“In my view, coupled with my experience, the prior ‘What We Believe’ language is 100 percent discriminatory towards black fathers and I am not alone in my belief. Multiple times, this language was called into question by other black fathers online, but it was never enough to spur action until former NFL star Marcellus Wiley spoke out on it. Once he did, the language was quietly deleted off of the BLM website. Since then, the organization has made no attempt to clarify their position, despite multiple media outlet requests for comment.


“That is why I created the ad. It is truly ‘What They Believe.’ And I stand by it.”


In response to Facebook’s decision to remove the BLM ad, APP PAC’s Terry Schilling also released the following statement:


“We are sadly not surprised by Facebook’s decision to remove the ad. The company’s actions over the last few weeks have made it clear that it will do whatever it takes to ensure Joe Biden is elected president, whether that means removing anti-Biden ads on absurd grounds or burying news stories which make Biden look bad.


“But the idea that some left-wing fact-checker who failed to do even a cursory level of research on the issue should have the authority to silence Black voices? To prevent them from describing how Joe Biden’s policies would affect the Black community? That’s beyond the pale, and it’s anti-American.


“It has become abundantly clear that Washington must act to address the breathtaking power grab which Facebook and other Big Tech companies have recently undertaken in order to sway the election. The future of our country is on the line.”


This is the second APP PAC ad censored by Facebook in as many months. In September, Facebook removed an APP PAC ad running in Michigan that slammed Joe Biden and Sen. Gary Peters for supporting the Equality Act, which would destroy women’s sports by allowing biological men who say they identify as female to compete.


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