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It seems Iowa Democrats must have a race problem. At least, according to State Rep. Ras Smith, one of two Democrat candidates for governor.

Smith wrote an article on Bleeding Heartland. He quickly played the victim card when it comes to race:


“I never expected to be given as equal a shot as my white counterparts,” he wrote. “Because that’s reality. I’ve been a black man in Iowa my entire life.”

Now, perhaps this is true. But in order to believe it, one would have to ignore the fact that Barack Obama was able to win the Iowa Caucus in 2008 with 32 percent of the vote, topping a field of white people.

But, maybe Iowa Democrats have grown more racist the past 12 years or so.

At least, that’s the charge from Smith.

“What I didn’t expect was to be treated as insignificant by the donor class of my own party,” he wrote. “After months of phone calls, letters, repeated outreach, to not receive a call back or be given an opportunity to meet has felt disrespectful.”

It seems the “donor class” of Iowa Democrats is refusing to even meet with Smith.

“I can’t help but wonder if the party that I’ve dedicated all of myself to over the past six years would be perpetuating the narrative that I ‘can’t compete’ or actively recruiting others to jump into a race with qualified candidates, if the front runner for the Democratic nomination for governor of Iowa were white.”

Interesting observations from Smith. Reading through them may lead one to wonder if perhaps Iowa Democrats are just using minorities for votes, but don’t want the same minorities to actually represent them on the ballot.

It certainly seems Smith is suggesting the white donor class doesn’t want their dollars going to the minority candidates.

Of course, it could be the Democrat donor class doesn’t view investing in a candidate willing to have a drag show as a fundraiser and champion of teaching Critical Race Theory in Iowa schools is a worthy investment.

I mean, the chair of the Iowa Democrat Party is a black guy. And Obama had no trouble winning in 2008.

And while Mayor Pete Buttigieg isn’t black, he is a homosexual which, I’m pretty sure is still a sexual minority. And he won Iowa in 2020.

Is the Iowa Democrat donor class racist? Or is it just unwise to hold drag queen shows as a fundraiser and champion Critical Race Theory in Iowa schools?

Let’s be honest. It’s likely both are true.

Author: Jacob Hall


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