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From American Frontline News

An extraordinary expose on Joey Gilbert has uncovered a shadowy group usurping the GOP’s elephant logo and using a misleading name.

Deceptively named

Earlier this year Nevada residents were suddenly bombarded by “tons of online ads” pushing Joey Gilbert for governor of Nevada. Network in Vegas reported that the online ads, as well as radio ads and Gilbert’s campaign website, were paid for by a “democrat front group … to cause chaos in the Republican Primaries.” The group is registered as a PAC (political action committee) with a name giving no hint to its Democrat affiliation.

The Democrat group, posing as a conservative pact, is called the Patriot Freedom Fund. 

The decision to self-identify with the terms “Patriot” and “Freedom” notwithstanding, an investigation by The Nevada Independent revealed that the political affiliations of the Fund’s leadership are far from what one would normally associate with patriots and freedom fighters.

The PAC’s listed officer is Truman Fleming, a Las Vegas-based real estate agent previously married to Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui (D-Las Vegas) … who has become one of the Legislature’s most prominent gun control advocates.

Deceptively timed

At the time of that expose, in May 2022, no other public information was available about the Patriot Freedom Fund. It had only been formed that same month, a political maneuver allowing the group to conceal its funding sources until well after the election.

it has no online presence …. Patriot Freedom Fund was registered with the secretary of state’s office on May 6, which means it won’t have to reveal contributions or spending until nearly a month after the primary election on June 14. 

Deceptively advertised

The Patriot Freedom Fund did not just employ a deceptive name. Less than two weeks after the expose was published, the Republican National Committee sent a cease and desist letter to the PAC, accusing it of “meddling in the Republican gubernatorial primary.”

RNC attorneys included a copy of a “misleading and fraudulent campaign mailer” titled “Republican Primary Ballot Guide” instructing the recipient to “take this sample ballot with you when you vote.” The other page mimics the design of a sample ballot, with filled-in boxes for … “Anyone but Joe Lombardo” for governor.

The RNC letter accuses the PAC of trademark infringement by including an image of the organization’s elephant logo, which it called “inaccurate, without permission or authorization from the RNC, and constitutes willful trademark infringement.” 

“Patriot Freedom Fund’s unauthorized use of the RNC’s logo is particularly disturbing, as it is clearly intended to interfere with Nevada’s Republican primary elections as voting begins this weekend,” the letter states.[Emphases added].

The “Anyone but Joe Lombardo” flier benefited Gilbert by specifically attacking his opponent in the primary election, Sheriff Lombardo.

GOP warns

In addition to the cease and desist letter to the Democrat front group, the Nevada Republican Party Chairman warned voters of the deception.

We have received reports that Republican voters across the state have received deceptive mailers about Sheriff Joe Lombardo sent out by a Political Action Committee run by the husband of Democrat Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui

These mailers prove once and for all that Democrats are up to sleazy, shady stunts to sow chaos in our Republican primary. 

Deception confirmed

When the Patriot Freedom Fund was finally forced to file campaign finance reports, after Gilbert had already lost the election, it turned out that the initial impression of the Patriot Freedom Fund as a Democrat front group was indeed an accurate assessment. It was heavily funded by none other than the then incumbent Democrat governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, who went on to become the only incumbent governor to lose reelection in 2022 when he was defeated by Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who defeated Gilbert in the Republican primary despite Democrat funding of Gilbert routed through the Patriot Freedom Fund.

Campaign finance reports released Friday show that Home Means Nevada — a political action committee set up by [Democrat] Sisolak’s 2018 campaign apparatus and headed by prominent Democratic political strategist Rebecca Lambe — contributed $685,000 to Patriot Freedom Fund 

Patriot Freedom Fund also received $90,000 from a PAC (Leadership in Nevada) previously affiliated with former Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, a Democrat, and now run by Democratic political consultant Megan Jones. [Emphases added].

Gilbert corruption

Learn more about Joey Gilbert’s schemes, sanctions, reprimands, suspensions, political grifting and assisting illegals evade law enforcement.

Check back as we continue our series on Gilbert and look at these questions:

  1. Who is the mysterious man funding Gilbert?
  2. Why is Gilbert trying to replace the doctor who founded AFLDS with non-doctors?
  3. Why is Gilbert taking money from AFLDS donors while not developing any programming or activities?
  4. What sanctions do the Professional Conduct Rules provide for attorneys committing perjury?

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