Axne vows to champion right to kill unborn babies

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Congresswoman Cindy Axne joined the Council Bluffs Library for a special “Our Right to Vote 2020” conversation to recognize the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed and protected women’s right to vote.

Axne, though, talked at length about the most important right for a woman being the right to abort their unborn baby.

“In general, if I had to pick one thing that has helped women’s advancement, is the right to choose,” Axne said. “Because when a woman has an opportunity to make choices about her own self and her own body, then she has a choice to make decisions about her opportunities in life. The jobs that she gets, when she wants to start a family. So, I will always be out there protecting that opportunity for women.”

When you realize what Axne is really saying, you realize just how troubling it is.

Abortion results in the intentional death of an unborn baby. There is no doubt about it. And that is the choice that Axne says is the “one thing” that has helped women’s advancement.

But it’s not the right to choose. I’m sorry. It isn’t.

Again, abortion results in the intentional death of an unborn baby. As in a child is intentionally killed in the name of choice.

That may sound harsh. It may sound disturbing.

But it is the truth, like it or not.

And Axne didn’t misspeak. Her closing was extremely similar to her extreme opening.

“I’ll go back to what I said when I first started this, we’ve got to protect a woman’s right to choose,” she said. “When a woman has a right to choose, she ha san opportunity to determine her life’s path. There’s no reason that women should be left at a disadvantage to what men should in this country. We know that women’s rights are human rights, we need to protect their health, we need to protect their economic viability, and the best way to do that is allow them the right to choose. So that’s something I’ll be championing.”

Just replace “right to choose” with what abortion actually is.

“The best way to do that is allow them the right to have their unborn baby killed. That’s something I’ll be championing.”

It’s extreme. It’s barbaric. And it’s the ugliest of all positions to take.

That the most important thing necessary for a woman to succeed is for her right to kill her unborn child.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall