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Isabelle Barrett said she spoke with her elderly grandma about the issue. She told her grandma’s story about having to carry a dead baby prior to abortion being legal.

“She almost lost her mind,” Barrett said. “The baby was so decomposed it was impossible to tell if it was a boy or girl.”

That experience, she said, made her grandma pro-choice.

“The anti-choice (pro-life) platform and attacks are not normal and certainly not sane,” Barrett said. “I tell you, what you’re trying to do is not normal. Being pro-choice is normal. Needing an abortion is normal. Getting an abortion is normal. But making other peoples’ choices for them is not normal. Making people do life-changing things like having a child they didn’t plan to is not normal.

“Forcing people to carry a pregnancy to term regardless of what they want is sick and violent. How dare they disrespect the constituents like this.”

It was a harsh criticism to those who believe unborn babies do not deserve to die. She called it a waste of time and money and violent nonsense.

“Being pro-life is not about saving lives, we’ve seen what the Republican legislation does to peoples’ lives, it’s about wanting to control bodies and wanting to making peoples’ choices for them,” she said. “You know who else thinks it’s OK to make peoples’ bodily choices for them — rapists and rape apologists. And don’t try to tell me there isn’t a connection here.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall