Behar tells protesters to leave guns home, ‘terrorists bring guns to things’

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While many debate whether government restrictions during the COVID-19 crisis have gone too far, others are clamoring for more.

One of those “others” is Joy Behar, one of the hosts of The View.

On Monday, Behar took aim at protestors who show up with guns.

“And why are you bringing guns to rally? You want to call yourselves protestors, leave your guns home — those are terrorists who bring guns to things…to rallies. I don’t trust that at all.”

Yeah, these protests that involve law-abiding American citizens carrying guns — they’re just a bunch of terror-wannabes.

It’s hard to imagine people actually believe that, but to say it on national TV makes you wonder if Behar actually believes the words coming out of her mouth.

I find it interesting she would choose to pay attention to that aspect of the protest story. I mean, if guns were truly the problem, how could guns be at a rally and everybody make it home safe?

I mean, we do have that gun violence epidemic, right?

Does Behar think guns just randomly fire themselves?

There are a lot of issues where common ground can be found, but I’m not so sure the gun debate is one of them.

Too many people on one side of the “debate” fire from the hip. They fail to hit their target. Often, their “logic” backfires.

Thankfully those folks seem to be shooting blanks when it comes to factual arguments on guns.

How do you reason with people who think law-abiding citizens are terrorists but fail to show an ounce of interest in laws like — oh, I don’t know, immigration laws.

Law-abiding citizens = terrorists.

Illegal immigrants who receive all sorts of perks living in America = somehow those folks are victims.

Just because people like Behar don’t understand the rights provided to them by the United States Constitution does not mean they should take away those same rights from everyone else.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall