Biden says he will share his opinion on court packing after election

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Even for those of us who do not support Joe Biden for President, it can be painful to watch as he and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, refuse to answer whether they will pack the Supreme Court if elected.

It is painful because it is obvious what the Biden Administration would do — it would pack the Supreme Court.

How do we know this?

Well, Democrats in the United States Senate are already suggesting it.

What’s more, there is a very easy answer to the question if they aren’t planning on it.


Packing the court is really a relatively new issue. No previous presidential candidates made it a fundamental issue of their campaign.

There aren’t a majority of Americans clamoring for the court to be packed — only the far Left.

If Biden and Harris were not going to pack the court, they’d simply tell us “no.”

But they won’t say no because they can’t. It will upset their liberal base first off, but it will also clue average Americans into one of the most radical ideas of the 2020 campaign.

Where does packing the courts end? If Democrats have control and add five justices, what will stop Republicans from adding 10 next time they are in charge? And if Republicans add 10, what will stop Democrats from adding 15?

Biden told the media on Thursday that he won’t answer the question on packing the courts until after the election.

“You’ll know my opinion on court-packing when the election is over,” Biden said.

We’ll know because he will.

If his answer was no, he’d say it. But he won’t say no.

Because the answer is yes. And the answer is painfully obvious to anyone watching.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall