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The ruling elites are actually trying to convince us that communist-orchestrated riots in cities across the nation that grew out of protests staged by the Black Lives Matter movement are a natural outgrowth of “systemic racism” and police brutality. 

They say that if we don’t expand government programs to make black people even more dependent on welfare than they already are, that we deserve even more violence.

But a cursory look at the record, as Star Parker recently wrote in a column, “Don’t Confuse Moral Bankruptcy with Racism,” starkly reveals how we got here. 

“In 1960, a few years before passage of the Civil Rights Act, 61% of blacks over 18 were married. By 2010, 31% were. 

“In 2015, per Pew Research, 54% of black children compared with 19% of white children were living in a single-parent home. 

“If black Americans are victims of anything, it is that they live in a country that has become a wasteland of moral relativism.

“What government can do is advance policies to encourage the right behaviors. Allow parental choice in education; advance ownership by replacing the payroll tax with personal retirement accounts; implement housing and health care policy that relies on freedom and choice. And purge ethnicity from existing and future law.

“Don’t tell me I am indifferent to George Floyd’s death. Poor police behavior must be punished. A good start is to diminish the influence of police unions.

“But the only systemic racism that poisons and divides our country is the insistence of the powerful to see everyone through the lens of race, placing one’s race ahead of one’s humanity. The result is the isolation and separation of the ‘black community’ that they claim to care so much about from the community of the nation and the entire community of God.”

Star Parker is a 2019 recipient of the “George Washington Award for Taking a STAND.”

The founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), Star is a former welfare single mother now at war with a system that had entrapped her until, with the help of Jesus, she broke free.

The Center fights poverty and restores dignity through messages of faith, freedom and personal responsibility.

Star consulted on federal Welfare Reform in the mid-90s and then founded CURE to rescue America’s poor from government dependency.

In 1996, she was a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention.

Today, Star consults with both federal and state legislators on market-based strategies to fight poverty.

In 2017, she joined the White House Opportunity Initiative advisory team to share ideas on how to tackle poverty.

In 2018, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appointed her to the U.S. Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Commission. Star has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and International Business

from Woodbury University and has received numerous awards and commendations.

In 2016, CPAC honored her with the “Ronald Reagan Foot Soldier of the Year”.

She’s spoken on more than 225 college campuses, including Harvard, Berkeley, Emory, Liberty, Franciscan, UCLA, and UVA.

An author of several books, she is a regular commentator on national television and radio networks and is a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators syndicate, reaching 7 million readers weekly.

Like Superman, Star is a tireless champion for truth, justice and the American way.

Please join us for this informative and stimulating discussion.

For God and Country.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 12 p.m. (ET)

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