BLM leader, former sheriff candidate says white supremacy is in America’s DNA – When thinking of US, should think of all evils in the world

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Jaylen Cavil, one of the leaders of Des Moines Black Lives Matter and a former candidate for Polk County Sheriff, was one of a few speakers to go on an anti-American tirade during a Des Moines BLM event at the Iowa Capitol on Independence Day earlier this month.

Cavil started by saying “f*ck the United States of America…F*ck the state of Iowa…F*ck every monument to white supremacy, which includes this racist ass (inaudible), includes this racist ass f*cking building right here (pointing at the Capitol). F*ck all that s*it. F*ck this monument to white supremacy right here with the gold dome.”

Cavil said that everyone in attendance knows the United States is a “country that was founded from the genocide of natives and was built off the backs of enslaved Africans.”

“White supremacy is in the DNA of this country,” he said. “When you think of the United States of America, you should think of white supremacy. You should think violence. You should think racism. You should think capitalism. You should think all of the evils in this world. That’s how this nation was founded.”

He criticized the Declaration of Independence as a “document that was written by slave owners.”

“A document that refers to native people as merciless savages,” he said. “That’s what we’re supposed to be celebrating? Nah, I’m not celebrating that s*it. Nah, so f*ck this fake ass holiday, f*ck the Declaration of Independence, f*ck the founding fathers because they’re all racist pieces of s*it.”

Cavil said Americans are still living under slavery to this day.

“We need it abolished,” he said. “We need to rise up and we need to topple every single monument to white supremacy. We need to organize and we need to fight.”

Cavil called for tearing down capitalism, homophobia, transphobia, monuments to white supremacy and other things.

In his closing remarks, he said f*ck the United States of America one more time.

His speech was described as “powerful words.”