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During the Black Lives Matter riots at the State Capitol last week, one interesting post from the group said “we already knew the police were racist, but one of them wore a Trump bracelet to work today just to confirm that.”

They then posted video of the trooper with the bracelet.

Racism has nothing to do with supporting President Donald Trump. Here’s a simple question. If you’re a member of law enforcement, why on Earth would you NOT be a supporter of President Trump.

The opposition to Trump literally despises law enforcement. They want to “abolish the police.” They want to “defund the police.” They believe police carry out some sort of blueprint of oppression against minorities.

And, President Barack Obama, rarely if ever backed up the police. In fact, police and community relations fell apart due to Obama’s presidency. Remember when Obama said he didn’t know all the facts, but the Cambridge Police acted stupidly?

The last reason a law enforcement officer would wear a Trump bracelet is because they’re racist. The most logical is because they have no alternative at this point.

'Surprised you didn't know that.
Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall