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Congresswoman Lauren Boebert put forth a fiery vision for the new House of Representatives at Turning Point USA’s America Fest 2022. She told those in attendance she hoped they left motivated with a mission to save America and took a quick shot right away at soon-to-be-former Congresswoman Liz Cheney.

“She wanted to be here, but she’s on Indeed looking for a job right now,” Boebert said. “I heard that she might be applying for a position at Twitter, but they’re kind of under new management right now. I don’t think she’s going to be getting a call back.”

While the elections could have and should have been much better for the GOP, Boebert said Americans still ended the one-party rule in Washington and fired Nancy Pelosi.

“That’s a great start,” she said. “It gives the gavels in Congress from the communists and to the patriots. But what we do with that authority that the people have entrusted us with will determine if we can truly save America. We have to preserve our freedoms. Conservative talking points are no longer enough. We have to deliver conservative solutions.”

It is important that Republicans be for something rather than just against Joe Biden, she said. Boebert called for allowing American workers to produce American energy so American families and businesses can run on American fuel.

“I will not support relying on the Saudis or on Venezuela for energy when we make it cleaner and better right here at home,” she said. “Instead of making OPEC wealth, let’s make the American worker wealthy. There is no excuse that America should not be energy dominant right now.

Boebert called for securing the border.

“I am sick and tired of watching MS_13 gang members and international terrorists, sex traffickers and fentanyl dealers cross our wide-open southern border. We have to put a stop to this.”

At the time of her speech, Washington was considering the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill which has since passed.

“Mitch McConnell and Senate RINOs are more focused on big spending bills than securing our border,” she said. “Now hear this, if Mitch passes this $1.7 trillion omnibus bill and allows Nancy Pelosi to rule with a dead hand for nearly a year, well, this will become the McConnell-Border Crisis.”

While conservatives support legal immigration, she said they will not continue to allow an “illegal invasion.”

She called for balancing the budget as well, noting that deficit spending is simply a deferred tax.

“Every borrowed dollar Congress spends, well that’s a future tax on you and your children and your children’s children,” Boebert said.

Democrats hate “responsible, reasonable ideas,” she said, and they will try to stop Republicans from achieving the “common-sense goals.” But they will not stop Republicans from making the truth known to the American people.

“The American people have been gaslighted and lied to by our own government and the fake news for far too long,” she said. “It’s time to bring a little sunlight to the swamp. Without truth, there can be no trust. Without truth, there can be no freedom. With the truth, the American experience itself of self-governance is over.”

Boebert pledged House Republican investigations on the “Fauci-funded Chinese Virus,” the Afghanistan withdrawal and Hunter Biden.

“We’re going to get the answers on why the man Fauci assigned for the investigation of the origins of COVID was the same man who sent your tax dollars to the Wuhan lab,” she said. “We lost 13 of America’s finest and left billions of dollars of military equipment for ISIS terrorists to use against us for years to come. Innocent people will be terrorized with tanks and guns that have our stars and stripes displayed on them. We’re going to investigate Hunter Biden — not because he’s a bad painter or a drug addict, stripper-loving gun criminal, but because he was involved in pay-for-play access with some of the world’s wealthiest and most corrupt organizations and his dad — the Big Guy, the Commander in Chief, the most powerful man in the world — was on the freaking bank accounts.”

Should there be corruption — and Boebert said she expects there was corruption — it will not just be Hunter Biden under federal investigation, but Joe Biden as well.

And finally, Boebert said House Republicans will investigate how much direction the White House, the FBI and any other part of the Biden regime was involved to use Big Tech to silence Americans’ free speech.

“If the federal government was directing social media companies to limit Americans’ speech, that is illegal,” she said. “And I don’t want to see a fine. I don’t want to see somebody lose their job. No, if there were federal officials silencing Americans’ free speech, they should go straight to jail.”

She said that the Left has abandoned a “transparent and honest” government in exchange for increased power. Ultimately, the country needs God to accomplish what needs to be done, she added.

“We need God to bless our effort and it’s going to take wisdom and discipline,” she said. “It’s going to take leading with strength and grace. That’s what I commit that I’ll do for you in this next Congress.”

She asked those in attendance to stay in the fight and to be built up with strength. She also said to be prayed up.

“The Left wants you to believe that it’s an accident that you’re here. That it’s a mistake,” she said. “That your life has no purpose. God created you for this time on purpose, with a purpose, to make a difference, to influence, to encourage and strengthen and build up one another, to love one another.”

After Republicans took control of the House, she said she reflected on some things in Scripture.

“Jesus paid it all,” she said. “The battle is done. It is finished. He has spoiled principalities and powers — making a public spectacle of them. Triumphing over them in His victory. You are in Christ. You are not fighting for victory, you are fighting from a place of victory.”

She spoke about the power of words, noting that God’s word will last forever and it was God’s spoken word that is the most powerful force on the universe — that it created the world.

“Why do you think the Left wants to silence your speech so much,” she asked. “America, if you remain silent, we lose by default. Use your words. Use the authority that you have been given. Exercise that authority and walk in it with boldness and dignity knowing that you are not a victim, you are a victor.”

While the last two years have been “dark” for America with a recession, record high gas prices, inflation, an invasion and a logistics crisis, Boebert said the good news is that the great American comeback is on.

“House conservatives have been given the great responsibility to govern and we are going to make ya’ll proud,” she said. “We’re going to make America proud. We are going to wed out the deep state, and that includes the sorry Department of Injustice. We are going to take our country back. We will not relent. We will not retreat. We are moving forward — forward from a place of victory. And we are going to put America first.”


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