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During debate on the E-Verify bill, Sen. Joe Bolkcom (D-Iowa City) spoke against the legislation. He also criticized the sanctuary cities and counties bill that Republicans passed last legislative session.

“I don’t think you’re serious about immigration reform,” Bolkcom said. “Last year the Republican caucus moved a bill that was nothing more than a postcard on the issue of sanctuary cities.”

Bolkcom continued:

“We actually didn’t have any sanctuary cities in Iowa,” Bolkcom said. “(It was) a law opposed by every law enforcement agency in the state. (It) was just kind of a piece of paper that didn’t really mean anything.”

That doesn’t seem to be factual, however.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office announced it would start complying with detention orders from ICE officials starting July 1 when the law went into effect.

So despite Bolkcom saying the law was just a piece of paper that didn’t really mean anything, it meant enough to force the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office to begin honoring ICE detainer requests. That wasn’t happening before the law was passed.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall