Sen. Cory Booker is running for President as a Democrat. Booker delivered his thoughts on the Hyde Amendment.

The Hyde Amendment blocks federal Medicaid funding for abortion services — with exceptions for pregnancies that endanger a woman’s life, pregnancies that result from rape or pregnancies that result from incest.

“When policymakers deny a woman insurance coverage for abortion, she is either forced to carry the pregnancy to term or pay for care out of her own pocket,” according to Planned Parenthood Action’s website. “So the Hyde Amendment is particularly harmful (to) low-income women, women of color, young people and immigrants — who disproportionately rely on Medicaid for their health care coverage.”

While Republicans have been working across the country to protect innocent unborn babies, Democrats have been promising to do everything possible to continue allowing them to be killed.

Booker is no different.

“Of course I would look to repeal the Hyde Amendment,” Booker said. “But I would go a lot further than that. I would stop the assault on Roe v. Wade. I would want to see Roe v. Wade memorialized in in congressional law. I would want to fund Planned Parenthood. I would want to make sure that we have Supreme Court justices, Circuit Court justices, District Court justices who will honor the precedent of Roe v. Wade and make sure that we get back to being a society that trusts women to make their own health care decision. It shouldn’t be made by a bunch of a people in Washington.”

Repealing the Hyde Amendment will be forcing people from all over, however, to pay for those private health care decisions.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall