BOZELL: News media cost President Donald J. Trump this election, biggest priority for conservative movement must be what to do about left-wing press

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Brent Bozell of the Media Research Council talked about the media’s hostility toward President Donald J. Trump and reflected on a survey MRC did a few weeks ago.

Bozell noted that anywhere from 92 percent to 96 percent of media coverage of President Trump was negative. And, perhaps the biggest story, is what ignoring some of Joe Biden’s biggest scandals did.

The survey of swing-state voters (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) showed that 17 percent of Biden voters said they would not have voted for Biden if they had been aware of AT LEAST ONE of these stories:

*Biden’s sexual assault allegations (35.4 percent unaware/8.9 percent would change vote)
*Hunter Biden scandal (45.1 percent unaware/9.4 percent would change vote)
*Kamala Harris being the most liberal senator (25.3 percent unaware/4.1 percent would change vote)
*Trump’s 33.1 percent economic growth report (49 percent unaware/5.6 percent would change vote)
*Created 11.1 million jobs (39.4 percent unaware/5.4 percent would change vote)
*Middle East peace deals (43.5 percent unaware/5 percent would change vote)
*U.S. Energy Independence (50.5 percent unaware/5.8 percent would change vote)
*Operation Warp Speed (36.1 percent unaware/5.3 percent would change vote)

In all, 82 percent of Biden voters were unaware of at least one of those stories.

“The numbers that came back were astonishing,” Bozell said. “And it is scientific, it is unequivocal, undeniable which is why it’s so worrisome.”

Bozell said that if the media had covered Hunter Biden, President Trump would have swept the seven swing states.

“Every single state would’ve gone in the Trump column,” Bozell said. “He would’ve won at least 311 electoral votes.

“Here’s the point folks. The news media cost Donald Trump this election. They deliberately – this was not accidental – they deliberately chose not to report these stories and we’ve proven that, how they didn’t cover these stories. And now the polling shows that it worked.”

Bozell told supporters to make this fact the biggest part of the conversation for the conservative movement.

“What to do about this left-wing press that has become so militant that they are actually tipping presidential campaigns,” he said. “That’s the biggest priority now of the conservative movement.”

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Author: Jacob Hall