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Well, well, well.

Ever since news broke about the sexually explicit, vulgar, inappropriate books shelved in school libraries across Iowa, Democrats and the mainstream media have championed the materials. An Iowa book store is hosting a “Jake Chapman Book Club” where they are promoting these sexually explicit, vulgar, inappropriate books. A liberal Iowa company is making shirts in support of sexually explicit, vulgar, inappropriate books in school libraries. Democrat lawmakers are introducing bills to protect sexually explicit, vulgar, inappropriate books in school libraries.

In fact, Rep. Jennifer Konfrst — the Democrat leader in the Iowa House, called parents who do not want these books in school libraries “fringe.”

I wonder if Konfrst would consider Google and its standards to be “fringe?” Because, according to Google, the images from the book “Gender Queer” are:

Adult sexual content.


That is not a statement from Iowa Senate President Jake Chapman. It is not a statement from The Iowa Standard. It is not a statement from some “fringe” group of Iowa parents.

It is a statement from Big Tech giant Google.

Are we to conclude Google is some prude company that errors on the side of purity? They’re trying to put kids in a bubble and not expose them to the wickedness of the world?

Why are these images considered adult sexual content by Google, a company that literally has to filter things like this on a non-stop basis, but not considered adult sexual content in a school of kids?

There is a reason why every Democrat, every Iowa book store, every Iowa media outlet and every Iowa reporter that is defending these deranged materials refuses to publish the actual images or actual passages from these books.

Democrats and the media champion these materials, but when confronted with what is actually in the materials, they refuse to endorse specific passages or pictures. And because they control the media and the messaging, they are allowed to get away with it.

All we can do is hope, hope, hope that these individuals slowly begin to care more about what is right and less about what their extreme, radical, fringe political base wants them to do — which is protect perversion.

Until then, it is just more evidence we are living in a Romans 1 world where a number of people have been given over to a depraved mind.

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. If the tax dollars followed the student this glop could be cleaned up almost overnight! The only to fix this is to let parents truly have school choice!


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