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During last Saturday’s Mega MAGA March in Washington D.C. The Iowa Standard made it a point to talk with various participants. One individual who we talked to, Maria from California, shared some interesting information with us.

After she said she was from California, we asked if she felt like a lone voice in the wilderness, but she said that is not true at all.

“There’s a big following (of Trump),” she said. “Beverly Hills, I think it’s every Saturday they do Trump rallies in Beverly Hills. On the 31st of October there was a Trump rally there with over 20,000 Trump supporters. The information is not out there. Californians love Trump. There are a lot of Trump supporters and I feel like the election was taken from California as well.”

Maria made her way to D.C. in support of Trump and for love of her country. Her father is from Mexico.

“He’ll be the first one to tell you ‘Mexico never did a damn thing for me. This is my country and I’ll always fly the American flag,’” she said. “He has a thick accent, but he always flies the American flag. That was instilled in us when we were little.”

Her father served in the Army during the Vietnam era. Her husband served in the Navy and her son is currently enlisted in the Navy.

She said it was her first time in D.C. and visiting the historical sites – like the Lincoln Memorial – was unbelievable.

“Everything was very emotional,” she said. “To see what our forefathers did for us, especially President Lincoln, and the changes – the big changes he made for this country. It’s unbelievable.”

Maria didn’t hide her feelings about the election either.

“It’s just not right what happened,” she said. “We all know he won. We’re not delusional. I’m smart enough to make up my own mind.”

One of her biggest concerns is the possibility of Kamala Harris, one of her United States Senators, serving as vice president.

“I know personally that she is not an honest person,” Maria said. “I know for a fact.”

Maria worked at a facility that had a contract with the U.S. Marshals in immigration. Harris toured the facility in San Diego due to rumors that the facility was housing detainees and children and separating children.

“We take care of our detainees,” Maria said. “Our detainees are very well taken care. They get three meals a day, snacks, they have big screens in their units, they have couches, mental health, medical – they’re very well taken care of. And, it’s true what President Trump says, there are some bad ones. We do have bad detainees.”

Harris toured the facility and her comments afterward left the workers at the facility shocked.

“After she left our facility she said that we run our facility like a concentration camp and we also do slave labor,” Maria said. “The detainees work if they want to, they’re not forced to work. It’s just something so they can make a little money and make the time go by as they wait for their case.

“She sat there and lied on the TV. We all saw it in the lunchroom. From that point forward I knew that lady was not an honest person at all. And for her to be vice president – no.”

Maria hasn’t lost faith even though the Supreme Court dismissed the Texas lawsuit.

“There’s a reason for everything,” she said. “I’m thinking that maybe they said no to that because there’s something else going on that we don’t know about. I have faith. I have faith that President Trump and his team have something else up their sleeve.”

Author: Jacob Hall