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Natalie traveled all the way to D.C. from California. She told us that she believes California went red. While she would have liked to have attended all the marches, she said last week’s rally was “really important” because of the certification.

“We have ample evidence that this was a stolen election completely,” she said. “I wanted to show support and it’s worth making a sacrifice to do so. The experience on the ground and what this was in the media is completely different — diametrically opposed to what is being portrayed in the media.”


On Thursday morning, Natalie was still trying to catch up with everything the media was claiming.

While the media claimed President Donald J. Trump “incited” people to violence, Natalie said it was the opposite.

“Antia came in and tried to gin up some aggression,” she said. “What it was was typical to the rallies I go to in Beverly Hills and elsewhere — salt of the Earth, loving people from all over of all colors and countries coming together for the cause of liberty and they were so gracious with one another. Even with there being 1.5 million people here, they were helping — that’s how it all was. And the flags — that’s the nature of it. I didn’t know what to expect when we were marching to the Capitol.”

Instead, Natalie said, she saw patriotism.

“We were going to chat and make our voices known for them to do the right thing and stand behind it,” she said. “I had never gone to a Capitol before, so I followed the flow of it and was going to go to the end and just be like ‘We’re all here.’ Then I saw the line of police with batons and I saw them batoning women falling back to where they could have died.”

She also talked about withstanding the tear gas balls that were thrown.

“I didn’t see the throwing, but I tasted it for the first time in the back of my throat,” she said. “This is just all new. I never thought of anyone doing violence or breaking stuff. In fact, one of my friends from Arizona who is involved politically there said she went to the Capitol to get signatures and this one guy with horns and dressed wildly said ‘I’m a conservative, but it’s time we stop being conservative and take action and do violence.’ She was there. She thought he was weird back then. Now it’s all over Twitter that he’s Antifa.”

Natalie called the demonstration “staged theater.”

“Once they get their segments and their narrative to perpetuate on the news, that’s all they need,” she said. “So the whole day where it was all loving and flag-waving and American and saving our nation and having justice reign — they just paint it as a riot and a stain on America.”

Asked what the protesters could or should’ve done instead — considering they’ve already exhausted the avenues available to express their frustrations — she said she wasn’t sure.

“Other people from other countries who have had to flee from communism are constantly warning us that you have a little window where you can act,” she said. “And they didn’t act and that window closed and it was too late. They are telling us they see all the same signs as what happened in their countries that we have to do something and that is the question for most of us conservatives that are law-abiding.

“What do you do indeed when you’ve written the emails and made the phone calls and walked and you’re here and you care and you want them to do the right thing and it is consistently clouded? It becomes more like a banana republic. I don’t know. But I know some men rightfully so who want to protect their families and their freedom.”

Finally, Natalie talked about the surprise she had being unable to use her cell phone service.

“When they are censoring us and suppressing us and they turned off our cell phone service while we were there — I thought that was a fluke,” she said. “No, they want to portray a certain thing to the world. So many people are in on the corruption.”

Author: Jacob Hall


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