Conservative darling Candace Owens continued to double down on the COVID vaccine on Wednesday.

Owens, who has had tweets about the COVID vaccines tagged as “misleading,” took to Twitter to sound off once again.

“Experimental vaccines on children who have an approximate 0% chance of dying from the virus for which they are being vaccinated against is a type of child abuse.

“ZERO long term trials conducted. I just cannot understand parents that would allow their kids to be guinea pigs.”

Twitter quickly marked the post with a disclaimer saying that vaccines are safe “for most” people.

Owens didn’t back down.

“Twitter has unnecessarily slapped a label on my entirely truthful tweet.

  1. There are no long term studies on the COVID-19 vaccines.
  2. Children have an approximate 0% chance of dying from the virus.
  3. I stand by my assessment that using children as lab rats is child abuse.

And she wasn’t done.

“Sticking bulls*it labels on tweets because Big Pharma tells you to is not going to make me get the vaccine. And it’s sure as hell not going to transform my personal decision not to vaccinate my child.

“I’m not a sheep.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall