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Republican State Sen. Jim Carlin, who is also running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Chuck Grassley, took to the floor of the Iowa Senate on Wednesday night to admit he has trust issues with the election system.

“I have trust issues,” he said. “I like the idea of authentication. I like knowing that people who are voting are who they say they are. My trust issue, whatever it is, has really been triggered since Election Day.”

Carlin said we no longer have national borders to our south.

“Probably be a good idea to shore up the voter ID,” he said. “That kind of begs the question, why get rid of the border? Why get rid of the border? To win an election, to win an election. To bring more people that are not U.S. citizens to win an election. I don’t have a thing in the world against hard-working, good people wanting to come to America. I think that’s a wonderful thing, provided they observe the rule of law. But when there’s no observance of the rule of law, there is no borders, clearly the intention is to facilitate something.

“It’s not the well-intentioned, compassionate concern for the less fortunate that has opened our nation’s borders.”

He also criticized Democrat efforts to reconfigure the Supreme Court and add Washington D.C. as the 51st state.

“Why do we want to reconfigure the Supreme Court,” he asked. “Why add a 51st state? Because you want to win an election. So you change the rules. When you don’t win on the Supreme Court, you change the rules and expose the security interests of the people of the United States. And you put the people at risk knowingly to win an election. I have trust issues with that.”

Carlin said Democrats hate Voter ID. And, he said assertions that minorities cannot get a driver’s license or a checkbook is racist.

“Of course they can,” he said. “They’re human beings. They’re perfectly capable of doing that.”

He then returned to hammer on more of his trust issues.

“I have trust issues with presidential candidates who get the answers before a debate and delete 33,000 emails,” he said. “Those things are under a federal subpoena. And you talked about accountability. Under a federal subpoena, we don’t have accountability right now. The rules don’t apply to the political class. Nobody gets held accountable. You make up an entire investigation of President Trump based on complete…”

At that point, Democrat Sen. Joe Bolkcom called a point of order and asked that Sen. Carlin return to the bill.

Carlin attempted to resume his remarks.

“We did have to endure endless character assaults on my president, Donald J. Trump,” he said. “And we heard how, what a crooked guy he was and all these things, and I guess the one question I have for my Democrat colleagues is do you really believe a Navy dropout qualified to be in a Ukrainian oil board and get paid $40,000 a month? Or do you believe his father somehow facilitated that?”

Democrat Sen. Bill Dotzler raised the point of order this time.

Carlin wrapped his remarks exposing a Democrat double standard.

“You guys can say whatever you want about Donald Trump,” he said. “We say boo about Crooked Joe and you guys lose it. So, I’m good. That’s all I really wanted to say. We have trust issues. We’d sure like to see some meaningful accountability in our election process because we need to be sure that the votes we’re getting are real.”

Author: Jacob Hall