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During Friday’s FAMiLY Leader Summit, Tucker Carlson told attendees to be wary of politicians who care what the New York Times thinks. He said elected leaders actually do read the publication and actually really care about what its writers think.

“They’ll never admit it,” Carlson said. “Many will come on stage in the subsequent months and attack the New York Times, but they don’t mean it. And I know they don’t mean it because I watch them very carefully when things go sideways. That’s how you know who someone is when things get out of control unexpectedly.”


Carlson paraphrased Mike Tyson, who once said everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face.

“And that is true,” Carlson said.

He offered a couple of comparisons and then referenced how politicians reacted to the death of George Floyd. In the immediate reactions following the incident, Carlson said we found out what their gut instincts were.

Suddenly, “the other side” jumped up and called for “radical wholesale change” to society, but nobody knew fully what happened in the aftermath.

“You don’t know right away the details of any news event. Period,” Carlson said. “It’s unknowable, actually. Anyone who draws an instant, quick and dirty lesson from some dramatic piece of video tape is either an idiot or trying to manipulate you.”

Carlson then bashed Nikki Haley, who he said he likes, but prefers not to be elected for anything. Haley sent out a tweet that called the Floyd video “personal and painful” to her. And then she said in order for healing to occur, what happens next must be personal and painful for everyone.

“What happened next was personal and painful for everyone,” Carlson said. “Our cities burnt down. A lot of people died. Why should what have happened between a cop and George Floyd be painful and personal to anybody else?”

Carlson said Haley was trying to please people at the New York Times.

“I don’t want (Haley) in charge of anything because the second things get intense, the second the other side really unleashes and starts yelling so loudly that you can’t think clearly, I want a leader who can still think clearly,” Carlson said.

Maintaining clarity is crucial.

“That’s the moment when you find out who is on your side,” Carlson said. “There are an awful lot of Republican leadership who, in the end, they’re on your side and they’re nice and they like you and whatever, but if the choice is between selling you out or offending the New York Times, it’s not really much of a choice. And you see this with the girls’ sports stuff.

“’It’s a very complicated issue.’ No, cheating is not complicated. If there’s a dude competing in girls’ sports that is cheating and there’s no other word for it. And if you’re giving minor children drugs that sterilize them it’s not a complicated issue. Sterilizing children – I can say I’m against that. Just call me crazy. I want to go out there and say this thing publicly – I want to come out of the closet as opposed to sterilizing children.”

Carlson said a number of governors have said it is “controversial.”

“In what sense is it complicated,” Carlson said. “What they mean is, ‘If I do this, people who already hate me will criticize me in public.’ Again, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person if that’s your reaction. It does mean you’re totally unfit for leadership. You are totally unfit for leadership. To get my vote, you do not need to be an ideologue, you don’t need explain something, you know, economic theory. You know, it’s OK if you don’t fully understand the Austrian school. But when it comes down to it, if people who have lived in this country their entire lives, followed all the rules mostly, paid a lot to the government, hoisted the flag, sent their children into military service for generations – if those people are getting shafted and you’re not putting everything on the line to protect them and their children and their grandchildren and generations yet unborn – you just don’t deserve the vote of anyone.

“I hope that you will hold them accountable in a real way and never be embarrassed to ask about issues that matter to you. There’s no national council that determines what’s supposed to matter to America. Twitter isn’t real. It’s the domain of super unhappy people with empty personal lives and creepy political agendas. What matters to you is what matters to you. And you have every right, in fact, you have a constitutional duty to tell your representative to represent you on those issues.”

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