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Today I’m pondering the effect of a ripple on a body of water.

My dad taught me to skip stones when I was young. I practiced all summer long to gain expertise. I treated learning that skill as a job. And I got pretty good at it. I became an expert in selecting the smooth flat stone to fling across the bay.

The funny thing is, to cause a ripple it only takes a tiny pebble.

In today’s news, you’ll read about crimes, accidents, international conflicts, spies, revenge, truths and lies all reported as factual. There will be new legislation introduced that may or may not affect your life. Some framed as needed for public safety, others blatant overreach into personal choice.

What can one tiny pebble do in to change the giant sea of water? What can one person do to make a difference in our government leadership?

Write your legislator. Attend a political forum. Speak up. Call the statehouse. Vote. Run for office. Apply to serve on a county board. Write a letter to the editor. Share your thoughts with others. Join a group.

Once I asked a representative how he chose to vote on a bill. “Honestly, I heard from one lady on the issue. I didn’t have an opinion on the bill, so I voted her way.”

He heard from one person. One lady who took the time to write her legislator about an issue. A pebble. A tiny splash made by that pebble that made a ripple in his world. And his vote affects the entire pond.

Be that tiny pebble. You be that stone. Make a splash.


Author: Laura Carlson

Laura Carlson is a mom, wife, community volunteer, a founding member of Republican Women of Central Iowa, and a pebble making waves.