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As a delegate to the GOP state convention, it was easy to see that Fear was on display and the most contentious plank issue of the day was for the use of an Article V Convention of States to rein in the Federal Government. Fear won overwhelmingly and we passed an anti- Article V convention of states plank. They won the argument by telling everyone how if we used this method to rein in the federal government it would all go wrong and there are at least five new constitutions already written waiting in the wings. Of course, no one asked for the evidence of this. They say the federal government does not follow the constitution now. They hold up the original constitution and say that is all we need, and I agree. However, they neglect to hold up the constitution in use today. Maybe that is because it weighs about 25 pounds and is over 3000 pages long. They ask you to defend the parts they like in the constitution while they cry out against the parts that doesn’t suit their purposes.  For the most part the Federal Government easily asserts they are following the constitution after the court rulings are applied now about 3000 pages of them. Make no mistake we now have a 3000 plus page constitution that our leaders use to rule over us with. This Fear argument has been around since the 1960’s and was crafted by liberals who did not want us to use this method. Conservatives at that time did not put much stock in that Fear. After Roe-V-Wade conservative states started passing Article 5 applications for a Right to Life amendment. In creeps the fear and prominent establishment republican leaders used this fear crafted by liberals to slow down the states from asking for an Article 5 convention of states.

For me as a Christian and Biblical citizen I boiled it down to this. God instructs us to, be not afraid. He does not give us a spirit of fear. I believe that God thru Divine Providence gave us the Constitution. Like the Bible all of it was given for our instruction. As with the Bible we cannot set aside as unworthy what we do not like. Therefore, if we come to believe the constitution was given to us by God for instruction, I reason Article V is an Ordinance given to us from God. Are we to Fear and not use it for such a time as this? To our opponents Article V the ordnance God stood up thru our founders and enshrined in the constitution is Foolishness to them.


As a Christian, I must cling to the fact that life is a precious gift given by God. Have we as Christians and conservatives broke our Covenant with God to protect life and have succumbed to fear instead of looking to God and his ordinances? Since the 1980’s conservative leaders have used fear to slow down any use of Article V. This includes applications for an Article V Right to Life Amendment. We say we are Pro-Life, yet we Fear and do not use this ordinance and allowed the death by abortion of over 63 million children. I ask myself and you, can this fear come from God? Our current destructive society devoid of God has only flourished and has taken on a fever pitch since conservative leaders started working in the 1990s to get any Article V applications rescinded in every state, this included the five Right to Life amendment applications they were able to get rescinded. Many conservatives lament and cry out to God to change the heart of those who support Abortion while we refuse any self-reflection or reverence to the solution God gave us from the beginning of our nation’s founding.

Do we hold up these national republican leaders as deities?  Relying on their word to instruct us? What rings in my ear from them is FEAR! They instruct us if we just elect more like them, they will save the country for us. Oh of course it requires twenty-five dollars or more every other week for them to save us. The truth is We the People only need to use Article V and no money is required!  About ninety percent of all the grievances put forward in the plank adopted at the state convention could be solved with the Article V convention of states plank proposed to Limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal Government yet we rejected it. Article V is peaceful way to return to our original founding principles found in the original constitution we hold up and proclaim we want. Except of course Article V of the constitution.   If we had an Article V convention of states and we solve the problems and return to self-governance and state sovereignty how important would these national leaders be? Does Fear keep them important and in power? Our most adamant opponents are prominent conservatives that claim to be pro-life and proclaim that we should use every legal means available to protect life, except of course if you suggest an Article V convention of states. Seems to me an Anti-convention of states policy stance is a pro-abortion stance. It is hard for me to reason otherwise.  It is by no accident as I look at the broader picture that as we have hardened out hearts to God’s ordnances, he has allowed tyranny to flood in. Election after election we have traded our Liberty for the 30 pieces of silver the federal government will give us in programs and grants. For my part in this I surely deserve the tyranny we have and to lose the liberty God has granted me as a citizen of the United States. I pray for Mercy for myself and all of mankind.  As these fiddlers of fear spread fear with deceit and half-truths will we follow them into the abyss of tyranny, or will we repent and turn to God?

Ultimately God is the only one who can save this country and he promises to do so in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Fear is the easy solution as it requires no action from you. Hebrews 11 calls us to action by Faith not Fear.  I am convinced that if we are to return to the biblical foundation enshrined in our original constitution it will be by Divine Providence in any manner God chooses. Whether God chooses an Article V convention of states or a great and growing calamity to shake us from our Fear and causes us to look to him instead of our national leaders. For myself I choose to trust in God and hold to Hebrews 13:6  “The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What will man do to me?”   For the Duty is mine and the outcome belongs to God. We the People must Pray, Repent and resolve to act as God directs us if we are to maintain Our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness God gave us.

As my Christian Brother Bradlee Dean says…. This Republic was not established by cowards and cowards will not preserve it. Proverbs 28:1

Glory Be to God!

Author: George Caron

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  1. Agree totally as a delegate at the convention from Cerro Gordo. Article V convention of states was described to me as “The Hail Mary of political maneuvers.” As a Catholic, that’s all I needed to hear to support it, rather than, as you say, being controlled with fear. That is much of what the opposition was, after all, fear that the convention “can not be controlled!!.” Is this what we should want – To be in control? Or should we rather, humbly ask Our Heavenly Father God to be in control, Hallowed be His Name, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will (not our controlling and petty will) His perfectly Good and Holy Will be done. Seems to me rather, the issue is just finding the right delegates, where, I ask are the great patriotic minds of today, the John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton et. al , of today? Most assuredly contentedly living out their lives in the obscure places of the 99 counties until Godly duty calls them forth to a higher degree of public service, an article V convention of states where they will debate intellectually and in good faith , for months and months, how to address the serious problems in this American system of governance in a way which is not the deceitful soundbytes we get from Washington. But these party conventions we have, always seem to be pressed for time, rules committee gives minute here minute there, disgusting when there is so so much work that needs to be done, to save our country, and turn it back to God.


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