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Sunday, March 29, 2020
Iowans For Tax Relief 1

It’s Time to Add Up the Bill for Iowa’s Tax Credit...

Iowa has a complex and extensive system of tax credits, all of which suffer from poor transparency and shaky justifications. We’re certainly not alone...

Survey: Confidence in Iowa’s Economy Continues into New Year

Business leaders are looking ahead, and they like what they see, according to survey results released by the Iowa Association of Business and Industry...

Miller, 37 AGs support federal prison reform legislation

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has joined 37 other attorneys general in sending a letter to House and Senate leadership in support of the...

Ethics complaint dismissed against Sen. Boulton

An ethics complaint filed against Iowa Senator Nate Boulton (D-Des Moines) that alleged he inappropriately touched a woman at a bar a year before...

Iowans Need Property Tax Relief

“What I’ve worked 50 years to build up, they’re taking away from me. Pie in the sky assessments allow government to grow and prosper...

If Only An Unborn Baby Were a Bald Eagle’s Egg

Rekha Basu's trashing of the heartbeat law shocked nobody. In reality, if the Republican House and Senate passed a controversial bill she applauded, there'd...

Regulations could be scaled back in Iowa

Regulation was also a key topic of discussion for Drew Klein, state director of Americans for Prosperity-Iowa. Klein visited a Pizza & Policy meeting...

Sen. Grassley: First Step Act an ‘important victory’

The Senate tonight passed once-in-a-generation reforms to America’s prison and sentencing system to reduce recidivism, save tax dollars and promote safe communities. The bipartisan...
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