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Senate subcommittees are a little light on Tuesday, but an afternoon subcommittee on the gubernatorial succession will highlight the day.

SF 221: Senate File 221 was filed by Sen. Mark Lofgren. It’s an act relating to preservation of interests and claims in real estate.

SSB 1112: Senate Study Bill 1112 was filed by Sen. Jason Schultz. It’s an act relating to professional licensing by limiting the authority of cities and counties to enact or enforce certain professional or occupational licensing laws.

SSB 1068: Senate Study Bill 1068 was proposed by the Attorney General. It’s an act relating to state employee defense and indemnification from certain claims and actions.

SF 155: Senate File 155 was filed by Sen. Dan Zumbach. It’s an act relating to the practice of barbering in movable locations.

SSB 1076: Senate Study Bill 1076 was proposed by the Dept. of Commerce/Alcoholic Beverages Division. It’s an act relating to alcoholic beverage control and matters under the purview of the alcoholic beverages division.

SSB 1082: Senate Study Bill 1082 was proposed by Sen. Roby Smith. It’s a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Iowa Constitution relating to the gubernatorial line of succession.

SSB 1128: Senate Study Bill 1128 was filed by Sen. Tim Kapucian. It’s an act relating to motor vehicles operated by an automated driving system.